Thursday, August 13, 2015

Children's Book Illustrator Turns Anti-White


Illustrator Mary Engelbreit has made many fans for her work in stationery, home goods, and children’s books for over 30 years.

But today, some of those fans are not so happy with anti-racist artwork she’s posted on her Facebook as a tribute to Michael Brown, who was killed nearly a year ago.

The first, posted early this morning, shows a mother and child in front of a newspaper (from “Everywhere, USA”) that reads, “Hands up! Don’t shoot.”

Now, you would think that after the narrative of “Hands up! Don’t shoot.” was thoroughly debunked and discredited (even by leftists) an illustrator would be more cautious about alienating her target audience by promoting falsehoods, but you would be wrong. You see, the only narrative that matters to a cunt like Mary Engelbreit is the narrative of White guilt. It is the only truth, and therefore anything that contradicts it automatically becomes a lie, and anyone who disagrees is a racist. Don't believe she could be this deeply committed to falsity and doublethink? Watch her double-down - quoting the story at the original link:

“There are no words to express how little I care if I lose every bigoted, racist, homophobic and/or sexist follower I have.”

No words, eh? Well, no one ever said you had a gift for cogently explaining your point of view, cunt. So anyone who disagrees with you is a bigot, racist, homophobe, or sexist. Big market for children's nursery rhyme illustrations in that group, eh?

Mz. Engelbreit, I know the only thing you love more than hideous turquoise jewelry is the thought of mounds of dead White children who were gang-raped by black Muslims before having their throats cut with rusty abortionist's scalpels, but I hate to inform you that your target audience is not made up of your bitter enemies - White Supremacist misogynists who think #BlackLivesDon'tMatter. To reiterate - the criticism you are receiving is from purchasers of children's nursery rhyme books - your fans, who think you are promoting a lie, and have evidence to support you are promoting a lie. Regardless, your paranoid narcissism is truly something to behold!

You see, if anything, black parents should not be teaching their kids "Hand's up don't shoot.", they should be teaching their kids not to steal, assault shopkeeps, and fight police officers. But in your little world of White-saviourism, you know what is best for black parents to teach their kids. You prove that, in your mad quest to destroy Whiteness, you are willing to dispose of as many black pawns as necessary to see that social justice be done, though the heavens fall. 

Those who truly cared about black lives would be better served with the following message:


  1. Here is some heart warming news for a change. This image was taken from an anti-immigration pro-europan rally in Latvia.

  2. Forgot to mention it may take a bit to load as dailystormer is down at the moment. It is likely do to hackers who where treating to shut the site down some time in August do to the Dylan Roof incident. However you can still view the site do to CloudFlare's Always Online™ technology( I copied and pasted this hence the trademark)

    1. Hello William,

      Not getting anything at the Daily Stormer. Perhaps this article contains the information to which you are referring:

      It is great that there exists anyone at all willing to publicly speak out against immigration, but notice the cuck in the wings:

      Passerby Kaspars Zellitis, 32, expressed dismay at the event.

      ***"I think this is sick. I support their right to assemble and express themselves but I find their ideas disgusting," he told AFP. "They are the real threat to the nation."***

      And that is how the article ends - quoting a random cuck as the voice of sanity.

  3. I would say this bitch deserves to be gang-raped by a pack of Bantus, but she would love to be violated by niggers

    1. Yes, she seems the type who would excuse her own muh-dicking and HIV infection from said muh-dicking as a social justice victory - reparations for slavery and such.

  4. we can blame "THE JOOS" all we want but when you have niggerloving tramps like this there is no excuse
    all proceeds going to the Michael Brown Jr. Memorial Fund, which supports the family of Michael Brown
    support them? as in support their crack habit, popeyes chicken and air jordans, they have already received millions of gibsmedat,

    1. YES. Agreed. The greatest enemy of White people is White people. It cannot be otherwise, simply by merit of the superior nature of White people when compared to the lesser races. Yes, the kikes are culture destroyers who are tearing down Western Civilization, but it is White intra-racial discord that permits the kikes the influence they have. This discord is the struggle among White people for control of the destiny of their civilization.

  5. Women both outnumber and outlive men thus giving them disproportionate power when it comes to voting and usually inherit the husband's wealth after they work him to death.
    Mary is representative of the average 'white' cunt in general with few exceptions. Time to pull the plug on democracy. What we need to do is enslave and breed our women like farm animals to produce future soldiers in a holy war to exterminate the shitskins once and for all. Just imagine a planet absolutely cleansed of the scourge of the subhuman hordes....that's something we could all work together for!

    1. Ha! This is what happens when the Daily Stormer goes offline for a few hours.

      Pulling the plug on democracy - I am with you. The earth cleansed of subhuman hordes - right beside you. Enslaving women as farm animals - I'm going to have to draw the line there, for me, as my personal limit. Creating a slave class has never really worked out very well for we Chalkies, now has it? (((sniggering)))

      Cunts and cucks are destroying Western Civilization - equal partners in crime. They will go the way of the dodo - that is their destiny. The question is, will they take Western Civilization with them?

  6. Daily Stormer? That's for lightweights, try The Heretical Press!

    Women are already slaves, it's just that they have the wrong owners.

    Western Civilization™ is an extension of White Man's DNA. As long as we are here it'll be here. This little historical anomaly we're currently experiencing isn't the real deal and won't last much longer methinks.

    1. An excellent idea:

      "Women are already slaves, it's just that they have the wrong owners."

      Ha! You certainly don't pull punches.

      I hope you are right and that this historical anomaly will soon be rectified.

  7. Nature has a way of correcting errors...

    1. I see an excellent description of errors there, keen insight to the madness that infects the White race, but not so much evidence that nature will be correcting anything. That, perhaps, remains a matter of faith.

      If it is humanity's destiny to devolve, nature will not object nor celebrate. In the end, it is up to the White race to decide if it lives or dies. The Race has two genders, and they are equally responsible for its destiny.

      Mary Engelbreit has chosen death for the White race by furthering the narrative of White guilt. A sane and healthy society would not permit her to ... dwell within its borders. I call upon White women to pass judgment on one of their own, and prove that #WhiteLivesMatterMore - yes, more.

    2. I agree-which is why I come here for insight.

      What I mean to point out from the contents of the Heretical link is hyperfeminized society being vulnerable to conquest by the forces of masculinity, that's happening now. The article contains much information from previous works without being tedious to read. As a keen observer of nature and biology it isn't a matter of faith. It's all cause and effect, action and reaction. The more extreme the actions of the feminists and cucks the more extreme the anti-reaction to correct the imbalance. Society will become hypermasculine as time goes on. Recent data shows that in all White nations the 'conservatives' are making more than twice the babies of the relatively sterile libtard faggots(hence need to adopt i.e. kidnap...). The cunts can't even reproduce. They are literally in the process of extinction. Victory is inevitable and within our lifetimes. What concerns me is making sure this never happens again. So let's think about how we are going to run things in the future. Meanwhile let the muddy hordes run wild in the streets. It is to our advantage. Never interrupt your enemy when he's making a mistake someone said once....

    3. Very well put, Anonymous! Indeed you put forth a very convincing argument.

      I hope you do not mind if I continue to discuss the theory.

      Does it not concern you that the hypermasculinization may be ***brought*** by the foreign invaders, rather than ***brought on*** by the foreign invaders? And further, that while we wait for the cunts and cucks of the West to die out, they are doing irreversible damage to Western Civilization by handing over White homelands to the orcs, to make sure Western Civilization "never happens again.", simply out of spite?

      Example - The Third Reich believed in its 1000 year destiny, but could only muster about 12. I don't see any proof that this was because of the Third Reich was inferior to any other single player on the field, but because every other (White by the way) player united (even against their own interests) to take it down. Britain even decided it would rather lose its empire, hand over 1/2 of Europe to communists, and become an American sock puppet, rather than let the Germans win at anything. Now that is spite. How cuck is that?

      To me, civilization is the human attempt to master the forces of nature and bend them to human will, damn the consequences. No civilization came so close to this mastery as Western Civilization. Western Civilization is both the product of and the producer of White people. Their fortunes are inextricably linked. But as Western Civilization's victory came into view, White people got spooked. It was like some absurd Hollyweird story contrivance, where the villain (the White race) gets sight of its own reflection and is rendered powerless, giving the defeated hero (the brown subject races) an opportunity to skewer their oppressor.

      This is another reason I favor the theory that I am in Hell, being punished by some inane moralizing fantasist's deus ex machina. And there is the rub - This world doesn't make any goddamn sense. I cannot trust in reason because the unreasonable happens all the time. Therefore, I cannot trust that nature, or natural law, or the march of history, or common sense, or God, or even that the greatest creature of all time the White Man can fix this mess, because my personal experience is that I live in Topsy Turvy world, where the rules change simply to satisfy the most implausible, convoluted, retarded narrative I have ever heard - day to day reality.

    4. Interesting. Yes, we are in Hell. We are being punished for the failure of our ancestors to delete the Jew.

      I'm apologize for not making clear that I'm Pro-Western Civilization(as if there was any other really). I contend that the rampaging hordes of muds and cruds will drive the terrified masses into our waiting arms. Then war may be waged in earnest.

      There's this Finnish intellectual nationalist named Kai Murros. He has some ideas which should be right up your alley:

      Hang in there comrade. It won't be like this forever.

    5. That it won't be like this forever, I can believe. Better or worse, though? Again, I certainly hope your assessment in this correct one - and I wish you complete victory in your struggle.

      Thank you for the link! I shall take a look.