Thursday, August 27, 2015

Bryce Williams Conspiracy Exposed - Illuminati Slip-Up

There are some troubling inconsistencies in the story of Bryce Williams (A.K.A Vester Flanagan) and his shooting rampage. We all know that the Dylann Roof psy-op was a carefully crafted bit of subterfuge meant to drive Dukes of Hazard off the air once and for all, but what could the Global Elitist Nazi-Lizard Time Lords have intended with this latest killing spree? A look at the more bizarre details of this story will lead us to one conclusion - it wasn't meant to happen this way!

1) Bryce Williams' Gun

Let's start here with the glaring inconsistencies. On the left, the gun used in the shooting. On the right, Vester posing with his gun. Are we supposed to believe that the state of Virginia would allow a black man to own TWO guns?!? That is beyond absurd. And Vester was a gay man - but look at that blue flannel shirt in the picture on the left. That is clearly the shirt of a LESBIAN, not a gay man.

2) More than One Alison Parker

In the foreground, Alison Parker, the victim. And in the background? Another Alison Parker!!! So which one was shot? Or are we supposed to believe there are TWO skinny, blonde, overly-make-up'ed White women working at the SAME local television station?!?

3) Vester Flannigan - Time Traveler

Look carefully at this photo and you can see that Vester Flanagan was a football from the years 1957 thru 1960, and was then "inducted" in 1975. Inducted into what? Media reports claim that Vester was 41 years old, which would put his birth year as 1974, not 1975 - does that guy look a year old? No way in hell. A few more coincidences - subtract 1957 from 1960 and you have 3 - the number of his victims. Vester was 41, but his shirt says 71. 71 minus 41 is 30, 3+0 = 3 - the number of his victims. Even freakier, if we take 1957 - 60, we get 1897, take the 1 and 7 from this and we have 89, 8+9 = 17. Add the first set of 1+7 and second 1+7 and you get 88 - which is a secret Nazi code used by the White Supremacist cabal that inducted Vester Flanagan in 1975 and prepped him for this mission. Another bit of history they forgot to alter before they executed their retarded plan.

4) Vester Flannigan - Sad Fat Black Gay Cowboy Prostitute Shape Shifter

The Overlords just can't keep their story straight. It's incredible the lengths they went to try and finger this guy as the killer, but it is clear we are dealing with at least three time traveling entities all calling themselves some variation of Vester/Bryce/Williams/Flanagan. We are supposed to believe that all three of these pictures are of one Vester Flanagan. First we see him as Sad Pudgy Sinbad, next as Happy Gay Cowboy Prostitute, and most revealingly, as a "Shooter" - who just happens to be shape shifting while stepping out of a diamond gate dimensional rift at the moment of the crime!!!



All signs point to a big cock-up down at Illuminati Reptile Nazi HQ. It's like they put the interns in charge while they went on summer vacation. What a mess. Meanwhile, Alison Parker is off to her new life, on perma-tour with the stage version of Little Shop of Horrors, while her dad goes on tour shilling for gun control - trying to make lemonade out of sad fat black gay lemons.


  1. A-Drey-Drey, you have outdone yourself. You just can't make up this stuff about a entitled, self-absorbed, fat jigaboo homo shooting his ex-colleagues, then you take it to the nth degree with the "Sad Pudgy Sinbad" to "Happy Gay Cowboy Prostitute" to shape-shifting time traveler, etc. YOU should be the one doing the job they gave to Steven Colbert. It's just such a sad waste your talent isn't exposed on a wider level.

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed!

      You are too kind. I have come to accept my obscurity. Compulsory Diversity News is honors-level White Whateverism for the 1% of the 1% of the 1% of the 1% of the 1%.

      I'm afraid there are no advanced placement courses available at this time, as that would imply there is *place* in the real world (beyond the interwebs) where White Whateverism has any credit.

  2. Hell, what if Adrean Arlott IS Stephen Colbert in drag, saying all the things he isn't allowed to say on the gogglebox?

    As for Disappearing Watermelon Boy, damn, he looks like a high yeller flounder in the process of having his eyes migrate in the wrong direction. I heard only golf club chatter about all this, just enough to make me laugh out loud every time I walk past a crate of watermelons at the grocery store.

    Speaking of watermelons, some friends in WA state wrote to me to say that the watermelon and beer thieves who assaulted the Safeway workers then attacked the lone cop with their skateboards in the state capital city are going to be charged. The cop is not. One of the sambos is paralyzed from the waist down. An expensive fertility control method...but worth trying I'd say.

    1. high yeller flounder in the process of having his eyes migrate in the wrong direction.

      That is freakin' heil-arious!