Tuesday, August 11, 2015

And you think this Mike Brown crap can't get weirder?

Parading around the streets of Ferguson with a severed pig's head not weird enough for you folks? How about getting a tattoo of a disembodied pig's head on your shoulder?

Black people with black tattoos. More brilliance from the sub-apes. Can you make out the image? It's Michael of Dindu, otherwise known as Saint Ape-ius of Ferguson. The shoulder is Michael Brown's father's. Now some may say this is a touching tribute to his fallen spawn. To those people I say - please consider suicide. For everyone else, please consider these questions I would like Michael Brown Sr. to answer regarding his dot-matrix quality tattoo:

Why would you (Michael Brown Sr.) get a tattoo of someone you love, but that you cannot see without a couple of mirrors? Not that I don't understand why someone might not want to look daily at that fat gorilla and his many folds and creases, but he is your son, named after his father. Perhaps you didn't want to put the tattoo on the front of your body, to spare your baby mama the image of her son's face rhythmically thrusting toward her during coitus. However, what happens if said baby mama grabs your shoulder during the act and then realizes she is clutching her fat son's face while she is being plowed? That weird enough for you? Or, perhaps, was the idea to ward off prison rape by having your dead son literally watch your back? I would appreciate if you submit your answers in writing, as I have little patience for ooga-booga talk.

You know, there is one other possibility here. Perhaps Michael Brown Sr., in a moment of crack-fueled idiocy back in the 80's, got himself a tattoo of Fat Albert, which he obscured in shame these many decades. What a stroke of luck that his son weighed 500 pounds and just happened to be murdered. Brown Sr. can finally wear wife-beater shirts again!


  1. i think they are competing with the fambly of that other saint, saint skittles of Florida, tray trays mother even trademarked his name, how low can you go?
    both "fathers" of these 2 apes look identical, is it any wonder with these inbreeding muh diks?

    1. Ha! Saint Skittles. I missed the story about trademarking Trayvon - thanks for the info.