Monday, August 31, 2015

Slave Trading Video Game Angers the Easily Offended


On Sunday, users of the social medium Twitter angrily reacted to a video game from the Steam community called [Playing] History 2: Slave Trade, in which users can play as characters in the trade of slaves from Africa to the colonial West. 

In the game, players decide how to best stack black bodies in the hold of a slave ship. 

AA says: OK - stop right there. SOLD. I just bought the game on Steam and look forward to playing it tonight once I am done posting here.  Please continue...

Users can also play the game from the perspective of a plucky black slave boy who serves the slave ship’s captain. 

FUCK!!! Play as a slave? And do what? Pick electronic cotton? My $3.74 - wasted! You know what? No ... Just the fact that such a game could be sold in the 21st century is good news. I'll just have the avatar throw himself to the sharks right before he lands in the New World. Better yet, I'll have him blow up the ship.

Can't wait for Playing History 3: Auschwitz!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Women Getting Scalp Botox to Head Off $40 Blow-jobs

Hmm ... perhaps that title is misleading. Oh, well. Quoting:

Women know what a workout can do to their 'do—and now doctors have a treatment for it. Called "Blowtox," it's really a bunch of Botox injections in the scalp that prevent sweating and have the pleasant side-effect of keeping blow-dried or straightened hair from going all frizzy,

And in some circles, $1,500 for a Blowtox treatment that lasts nine months actually makes financial sense. After all, over that period, two $40 blow drys a week at a trendy salon adds up to $2,880. 

Uh, huh. ... ... ... I'm sorry - I lost track of time there for a moment. Sometimes, when I am listening to a stupid person, or watching something stupid on television, or reading something stupid on the internet (like the preceding), my mind wanders into a fantasy realm consisting of humans being loaded onto a conveyor belt and disposed of mechanistically. It kind of looks like this, except there are levers and I am the machine operator:

Not quite sure why my imagination keeps drifting to this fantasy land, but it do.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Nigger Robs Bank to Pay for Daughter's Chemo ...

Now, if you have functional frontal lobes, you will immediately doubt the following mass media morons' narrative...

Brian Randolph, 23, is accused of robbing the Vibe Credit Union in South Lyon, Michigan, on Aug. 12.

Randolph's family, including the mother of his 1-year-old daughter, told local ABC affiliate WXYZ-TV that they think he was desperately trying to get money before his daughter's upcoming chemotherapy treatment. Asia Dupree, Randolph's girlfriend and mother of their 1-year-old daughter, told WXYZ-TV that their daughter Brialynn has retinoblastoma, a cancer that forms in the eye.

"I guess it was desperation. Time was ticking right before her appointment came up," Dupree told WXYZ-TV.

But if you are just a brain-dead consumer of the talkie-pictures news, with no inclination to delve deeper into this story, you probably would conclude that Brian Randolph (I'm shocked that his name is not DeBrian) is a modern day Robbin' Hood, stealing from your bank account to fund his defective daughter's eye chemo. Let's get a closer look at that daughter, Brailynn ...

Oh dear, that is unfortunate. I'm sure even you wicked racist White Whateverists can sympathize with this niglet's plight. Well, allow me to show you how foolishly misguided such sympathy would be.

Exhibit A: South Lyon Police said they found a “large portion” of the money taken in the robbery inside of Randolph’s rental car, along with recent purchases from Gucci and H&M. Randolph told police he also spent $1,500 of the money on rent payments.

I'm sure he needed that rental car to drive his niglet to her doctor's appointments. A taxi or a bus ride would be low rent. Gucci and H&M - no doubt purveyors of fine chemotherapy supplies. And $1,500 on rent ...because ... sheeeeiiiit, he can't be expected to live wif hiz baby mama and her cross-eyed cancer baby.

Exhibit B: The GoFundMe page of Brialynn Dupree. In the past 11 months, it has raised $9,000 of its $5,500 target. Insurance cancelled? Perhaps rely on the $9,000 already raised until you can get another $9,000 with an even sadder GoFundMe appeal. And just a minute here - are you telling me that the Mulatto Messiah's Obamacare is not working to protect black babies with eye cancer? How can that be???

Now - if you are ready for something that is going to give you eye cancer - take a look at what has happened at that GoFundMe page in the past 48 hours since the story was published:

As you can see - I am in Hell. I am literally living in a Hell of stupid White mother fuckers who torment me simply by their daily existence. HOW CAN EVERYTHING IN THIS WORLD SUCK SO HARD??? Look at one of the filthy fucking cucks who helped make this possible:

MARK YOU FUCKING MORON - She already raised her target and then upped it to milk gullible cucks like yourself with a false narrative that was really only meant to keep her baby daddy out of jail!

All niggers are liars. All niggers are criminals. All niggers aid and abet the lying and criminality of their dindu nuffin kin. Niggers don't belong on planet Earth, let alone in Western countries.

All cucks are gullible do-gooders. All cucks are nigger worshiping faggots. All cucks aid and abet the niggerization of our homelands. Cucks don't belong on planet Earth, let alone in Western countries.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Bryce Williams Conspiracy Exposed - Illuminati Slip-Up

There are some troubling inconsistencies in the story of Bryce Williams (A.K.A Vester Flanagan) and his shooting rampage. We all know that the Dylann Roof psy-op was a carefully crafted bit of subterfuge meant to drive Dukes of Hazard off the air once and for all, but what could the Global Elitist Nazi-Lizard Time Lords have intended with this latest killing spree? A look at the more bizarre details of this story will lead us to one conclusion - it wasn't meant to happen this way!

1) Bryce Williams' Gun

Let's start here with the glaring inconsistencies. On the left, the gun used in the shooting. On the right, Vester posing with his gun. Are we supposed to believe that the state of Virginia would allow a black man to own TWO guns?!? That is beyond absurd. And Vester was a gay man - but look at that blue flannel shirt in the picture on the left. That is clearly the shirt of a LESBIAN, not a gay man.

2) More than One Alison Parker

In the foreground, Alison Parker, the victim. And in the background? Another Alison Parker!!! So which one was shot? Or are we supposed to believe there are TWO skinny, blonde, overly-make-up'ed White women working at the SAME local television station?!?

3) Vester Flannigan - Time Traveler

Look carefully at this photo and you can see that Vester Flanagan was a football from the years 1957 thru 1960, and was then "inducted" in 1975. Inducted into what? Media reports claim that Vester was 41 years old, which would put his birth year as 1974, not 1975 - does that guy look a year old? No way in hell. A few more coincidences - subtract 1957 from 1960 and you have 3 - the number of his victims. Vester was 41, but his shirt says 71. 71 minus 41 is 30, 3+0 = 3 - the number of his victims. Even freakier, if we take 1957 - 60, we get 1897, take the 1 and 7 from this and we have 89, 8+9 = 17. Add the first set of 1+7 and second 1+7 and you get 88 - which is a secret Nazi code used by the White Supremacist cabal that inducted Vester Flanagan in 1975 and prepped him for this mission. Another bit of history they forgot to alter before they executed their retarded plan.

4) Vester Flannigan - Sad Fat Black Gay Cowboy Prostitute Shape Shifter

The Overlords just can't keep their story straight. It's incredible the lengths they went to try and finger this guy as the killer, but it is clear we are dealing with at least three time traveling entities all calling themselves some variation of Vester/Bryce/Williams/Flanagan. We are supposed to believe that all three of these pictures are of one Vester Flanagan. First we see him as Sad Pudgy Sinbad, next as Happy Gay Cowboy Prostitute, and most revealingly, as a "Shooter" - who just happens to be shape shifting while stepping out of a diamond gate dimensional rift at the moment of the crime!!!



All signs point to a big cock-up down at Illuminati Reptile Nazi HQ. It's like they put the interns in charge while they went on summer vacation. What a mess. Meanwhile, Alison Parker is off to her new life, on perma-tour with the stage version of Little Shop of Horrors, while her dad goes on tour shilling for gun control - trying to make lemonade out of sad fat black gay lemons.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Al-Rokerish Gay Nigger Murders Two Whities to Spark Race War


And surprise, it's not happening. Quoting ...

Vester Lee Flanagan II, also known as reporter Bryce Williams [...] murdered two people while they were live on air on WDBJ in Virginia: reporter Alison Parker, and cameraman Adam Ward. After the murders, he went on the run – and while he was on the run, he tweeted out his rationale for the killings, accusing Parker of making “racist comments” and Ward of going “to hr on me after working with me one time!!!” He then posted video to his Facebook and Twitter pages of himself shooting both at point-blank range.

Williams is black. Parker and Ward were white.
Williams is gay. Parker and Ward were straight.

In a 23-page rambling letter sent to ABC News, Williams wrote that the Charleston church shooting in June should have provoked a race war: “Why did I do it? I put a deposit for a gun on 6/19/15. The Church shooting in Charleston happened on 6/17/15…What sent me over the top was the church shooting…You want a race war (deleted)? BRING IT THEN YOU WHITE …(deleted)!!!”

Good God, where to begin. Well, the shooter killed himself, so there's that. Hmm ... I'm not starting at the beginning. You can find all the sordid details on any media outlet, video the shooter took of the act and even pictures and heart-wrenching comments from the female victim's boyfriend, who worked with her as a TV journalist. But I want to try to consider some of the aspects of this story that I don't think will be touched on in other sources.

First, Vester (Ha! Vester) Williams is no Dylann Roof. Sans the talk of race war, Vester's rampage is a much more familiar manifestation of the disgruntled black, male coworker syndrome - see Omar Sheriff Thorton and Christopher Dorner. Roof did not know his victims - these three darkies did. I speculate that had Dylann Roof never existed, Vester would have eventually snapped over other racial grievances. Associating himself with Dylann Roof simply makes the story bigger than himself and his petty grievances.

Next, I have doubts that any White Whateverist conspiracists  will be falling all over themselves to explain this away as a psy-op as they did with Roof. How our Jewish Reptilian Illuminati overlords could have allowed this to happen and sully the perfect victimhood of the Charleston 9 is difficult to comprehend!

And finally, to Vester - weren't you a little too old, a little too fat, and a little too gay for all this shooting nonsense? Dylann Roof is a twenty-one year old skinny kid who was white knighting on behalf of White Womanhood. You were 41-years-old, 300+ pounds, and complained that you had been harassed not only by racist Whites but by homophobic blacks. What in the world were you black knighting for? This is what leads me to believe this whole connection to the Charleston Church shooting is just a black herring. Of course, the media morons will bite down hard on this, giving your actions some greater significance, but truth be told, you were just sad that the life of a middle-aged black faggot wasn't turning out to be the greatest fairy-tale ever told.

Now, I shall take to the interwebs and see what my White Whateverist peers have to say. Please see the Unrectified Reports page (also linked in orange at the top right of this page) for a sampling of their opinions.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Discriminate Today

Today, while driving home through the niggertown near my workplace, I witnessed a 40-something, chubby White woman in inappropriately tight clothes, sitting in the stands of a feetsball field. Immediately I thought, "She must have a mudling on the team." And, because I am The Matrix, a mulatto teenager (~13-15 years of age) ran off the field up to his mudwhale mama, grabbed her arm, and sat down beside her. And it occurred to me, being a racist is like being a freaking fortune teller.

While I mulled this over, it occurred to me that the real prognostic ability comes not merely from being able to see the difference in races and thereby predict how their behavior will drive outcomes, it comes from a fundamental ability to discriminate in general. We use discrimination all the time - to tell the fresh produce from the spoiled, a quality pair of shoes from a cheap imitation, a sky that looks like rain from one that does not. Only when it comes to using our discriminating ability on people does it become taboo, and we will be demonized by our own kind, and even punished by the legal system for using our ability to discriminate.

Ostensibly, the leftist idea is that discriminating against a person is idiotic because people are so much more complex than the product of their labors, or the processes of the natural world. But this argument quickly falls apart when outcomes are introduced. If I, the wicked evil racist, see ten black kids and ten white kids given the same basic math test, my powers of discrimination tell me that the white kids will score higher as a group. My opinion would be reversed if the challenge was changed to a basketsball game.

Now, if I am correct, and even if ten repetitions of this experiment produce the exact same outcome I prophesied, the leftist who called me idiotic would simply move the goal post down the field and say the differences were not caused by race but by racism, ignoring that my predictive ability came not from knowing the history behind the current state but simply by observation of the current state. This is exactly the same mechanism that lets me look at two groups of produce and determine one will taste terrible because it is spoiled. I don't have to know that the spoiled produce was not refrigerated in order to know it is spoiled - I simply have to have a basic ability to discriminate.

So please, remember that when a leftist accuses you of being a racist, a bigot, a discriminator, s/he is simply trying to rob you of a defense mechanism that would prevent you from being dominated and exploited by him/her. The leftists have no interest in THE truth, which your senses can help you determine on your own. The leftists' only interest is in THEIR truth, which requires you abandon your senses and be led blindly to your demise.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Shemitah Coming Early this Year?

Global markets didn't do so hot today.

I'm not one for conspiracy theories. As I have said before, I have enough trouble trying to understand superficial human behavior and motivations, I can't afford to get lost in vast theoretical labyrinths constructed by Reptilian Templar Plantagenet Rothschilds. However, based upon personal observations, I am willing to believe that about every seven years there is a big risk of an economic downturn in America (I think of it as a reaping), and that sometimes this downturn is godawful. But some take this even further, and believe it is connected to the machinations of that great Jew-boy in the sky.

From Conspiracy Central:

Large numbers of people believe that an economic crash is coming next year based on a seven year cycle of economic crashes that goes all the way back to the Great Depression. 

But there is an additional element to this cycle which makes it even more extraordinary.
As Jonathan Cahn [Oy vey!] has pointed out, this seven year cycle also lines up with the seven year “Shemitah cycle” that we find in the Bible.

For example, on September 17th, 2001 we witnessed the greatest one day stock market crash in U.S. history up until that time.  It happened on the 29th of Elul on the Jewish calendar, which is the day right before Rosh Hashanah. 

That record stood for seven years until the massive stock market crash of September 29, 2008.  That date also corresponded with the 29th of Elul on the Jewish Calendar – the day right before Rosh Hashanah.

Oh dear - whenever we get Jewey-stuff and money too close to each other, it's the gentiles that are going to get taken to slaughter. But is it supernaturally ordained? Or is it some Jewish conspiracy ? Or is it some form of mass hysteria? Or is it just coincidence? Or is it just incompetence? Is this happening on purpose, or is it accidental? Consider this article: Wall Street ‘experts’ have missed every stock market crash in 20 years

A majority of economists polled in early 2008 failed to predict the biggest recession in 70 years, even though it had already begun. All the experts at the International Monetary Fund completely failed to predict the financial crisis as well.

Now consider what this Wall Street expert had to say: Siegel says Dow could still hit 19,000 despite stock rout

Jeremy Siegel [Oy vey!], a finance professor at the Wharton School, said near-term trading could be "very rough" but that once the current storm passes the fourth quarter could be "very good.

Artist's Depiction of Jeremy Siegel

Riiiiight. So you goyim, keep shoveling your money into a losing market and when you're done, your friendly neighborhood kikes will be there to pick up the pieces. Happy Shemitah!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Bad Jewess! Queen Amidala Questions Holocaust Supremacy

Now, if anyone else had done this, he or she might be facing arrest in the European Union, but Natalie Portman gets a pass because she is a celebrity kike-ess

Holocaust survivor advocates harshly criticized Natalie Portman on Sunday, after the Israeli-born actress/director stated that the Holocaust is no more tragic than other genocides and questioned its prominence in Jewish education.

“I think a really big question the Jewish community needs to ask itself, is how much at the forefront we put Holocaust education. Which is, of course, an important question to remember and to respect, but not over other things,” she was quoted as saying.

She recalled learning about the Rwandan Genocide during a visit to a museum and being shocked that while the Holocaust figured prominently into her education, a contemporary genocide did not.

According to the United Nations, 800,000 people, “perhaps as many as three quarters of the Tutsi [tribal] population” were killed during the course of the early nineties genocide.

"I was shocked that that [it] was going on while I was in school. We were learning only about the Holocaust and it was never mentioned and it was happening while I was in school. That is exactly the type of problem with the way it’s taught.

Ouch, my Shoah! The Jerusalem Post article proceeds to quote various politically-kosher kikes, who basically tell Portman that she is just a Hollyweird pawn, and she should shut her face. Example, quoting "Dr. Efraim Zuroff, a professional Nazi hunter":

“with all due respect for Ms. Portman's great acting and directing talents, her success in the movie world does not turn her into an expert in history or on genocide"

Why not? So Steven Speilburg is permitted to pontificate on the Holocaust and Portman isn't? Sounds like Efraim Zuroff is just a misogynist, mansplaining why Portman should get behind the hole in the sheet and stay there.

More laughable condemnations come from the comments section of the article:

Natalie, sweetheart, the reason the Holocaust is taught in the first place is so that no one will forget how easy it is to radicalize millions and get them to commit unspeakable acts of inhumanity against their neighbors. Would you rather history keep repeating itself? Did it ever occur to you that the Rwandan Genocide happened because the Holocaust probably isn't taught in Rwandan schools...assuming that they even have schools there? You're a Harvard graduate. You should know how to do research already.

Double-plus good racism there Milwaukee Broad! "Do they even have schools in Rwanda?" - Ha! But, you moronic cunt, Portman's point was that she was being taught about the dangers of genocide using a historic example, while an actual genocide was occurring in the world at that moment. Portman is warning that a ethnocentric bias exists in The West when it comes to teaching the Holocaust, causing actual, in-progress genocides to be ignored. Hehehe - must not feel so good having your own ideology used against you, does it leftist?

Here's another eye-popping comment:

The reality is that it is precisely the Holocaust education Portman received that led to her current viewpoints on global genocides. It is an education that evokes sympathy with all peoples in times of trouble. In order to make an impact you need to have that one example that leaves an indelible impact on your psyche.

Whoa - education to evoke sympathy - leaving an indelible impact on the psyche. Welcome to Brainwashing 101, taught by Professor Wiesel. You just admitted that the purpose of Holocaust education is emotional manipulation! It doesn't get more revealing than that, folks. So Portman could not feel sympathy for the Rwandan genocide, had it not been for the fact that you had manipulated her psyche in the first place. That leaves the educator as the only source for determining what is right and what is wrong, not human reason, nor common decency - How Kike is that!?!

And another:

What's unique about the holocaust compared to other genocides, is that people were murdered because of who they WERE, not WHERE they were, they were murdered not because of a regional conflict but because of ideological hatred.

CRETIN! You capitalized the wrong words AND your point makes no sense. The Tutsi are a WHO and not a WHERE. They were killed precisely because of WHO they were. Try to keep up. Just because it is called the Rwandan Genocide doesn't mean all Rwandans were genocided.

And in response to Justsomeone...

I disagree completely. It's unique because of the application of industrial methods to extermination.

What? So, if the Tutsi had first been put on trains, then it would be worth teaching. And if, for example, someone used robotic factory workers with laser beams mounted to their foreheads to vaporize only Azerbaijanis, that would trump the Jewish Holocaust because the method of the extermination would be more technically inspired, right?

Goddamn, that's dumb! From whence comes this idea that Jews are so freakin' brilliant and monolithic in their power? Please let today's comments regarding Portman's anti-Holocaust-Supremacy provide evidence that both claims are greatly exaggerated.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

"Fried Hard Like a Black Dick"

Here's a weird one ...

A woman was stunned to find a takeaway had written instructions to fry her chicken wings "hard like a black dick". Loretta Smith Layne, from New Jersey in the United States, ordered the fast food from Danny’s Pizza Pizzazz last month, according to WCAU-TV. “I was very offended and upset and disrespected to get those words on a receipt,” Layne said.
Store owner Danny Sommeling told WCAU-TV to get off his property when approached by a reporter but admitted in a text message to Ms Layne that it was the fault of his son - a manager at the pizzeria. Danny Sommeling said his son's behaviour was “definitely not professional” but said he was "a really good boy".

Good grief - yet another installment of the receipt-based culture wars.

Personally, I see this as the result of the niggerization of the Amerikwan public school system. Young Mr. Sommeling's inability to construct a coherent simile should bring shame upon his primary school educators. Who in the world was his 4th grade English teacher? Riskay? (For those of you playing along at home, Riskay was the female rapper who popularized the phrase "Smell Yo' Dick".)

Not to be overly critical, but fried hard like a black dick really doesn't make much sense, as penises, regardless of color, are not typically "fried". It's funny in its crudity, but the crudity simply compounds the offense in a very blatant way. If the fellow had said, "like my dick", the racism element would be gone, but the crude (and kind of confusing) humor would remain, and his customer would still have a reason to clutch her (faux) pearls in front of the local news.

I would like to offer an alternative that would have made sense in the context of fried dead meat, would have been humorous, and would have been covert enough that it may have gone unnoticed because of its esoteric nature: "Fried hard like George Stinney." Don't know who that is? I will save you the Googling:

George Junius Stinney, Jr. (October 21, 1929 – June 16, 1944) was, at age 14, the youngest person executed in the United States in the 20th century.

Stinney, an African-American youth from South Carolina, was convicted in a two-hour trial of the first-degree murder of two pre-teen white girls [...] He was executed by electric chair.

But A-drey-drey, maybe Sommeling the younger wanted to cause offense in way that could be easily grasped - and your joke would only appeal by the 1% of the 1% of the 1% of the 1% of the 1%. CDN lacking mass appeal? So what's new? Welcome to year 9 of this endeavor. But lack of mass appeal is not an excuse for a poorly constructed joke. If Mr. Sommeling the younger simply wanted to be offensive, he should have just told that sub-ape-ess to go suck a black dick, confident that there was a greater than 95% chance that was what she would be doing anyway after she finished her chicken dinner. And in that case, he would not have provided his victim a hard copy of the slur!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Passing for Black: Shaun King


He's either the male version of Rachel Dolezal, or the victim of a conservative conspiracy.

Those are the two views the world has of Shaun King, a leading voice in the Black Lives Matter movement, who has been accused of misrepresenting his race and passing for black when he's actually white.

King has said in interviews that he's biracial, with a white mother and a black father. But this week websites, including and the Daily Beast, alleged that King's father is white.
Breibart published what it says is King's Kentucky birth certificate, listing Jeffery Wayne King as the father, but the document doesn't list his race. The Daily Beast said public records it reviewed show that King's father is Caucasian. 

By my Dark And Terrible God Of ironY (DATGOY), so this is what it has come to. In just fifty years, we have gone from Amerikwans trying to pass as White, to Amerikwans trying to pass as Black.

Looking at the photos of the parents listed on his birth certificate, I would say both are swarthy Whites. In other words, no one is going to kick them out of a Klan meeting based on their appearance, but no one with a working knowledge of the 1-drop rule would be surprised to discover a nigger in the woodpile (or a muzzie, or a kike, or featherhead - someone brown and non-indigenous-European). The dark, dead eyes of his alleged father look very beanerish in my opinion. Further, my immediate impression of Shaun King is that he is not quite White due to his sallowness, and he is trying to make himself appear more niggerish by his grooming choices. But let's face it - strangely brown Whites are the majority of White people in the world, whether or not they possess a recent non-White ancestor. That suggests that Whiteness must either be denied these people out of an abundance of caution, or extended to them (with varying degrees of caution) so as to not exclude one of our own who's phenotype does not conform to our ideal.

Back on topic - was King's mother a mudsharking adulteress, making him biracial as he claims?

No 2 siblings in my family have the same set of parents. We're all over the place. Some of us are not even blood relatives.

Well, if he is lying - he has besmirched his family's reputation by accusing his mother of being a trollop. And if he isn't lying, that still doesn't mean he is biracial - as the racial makeup of his true father might be as complex as his own. From reading varied sources on this story, there are several competing ways of viewing the racial truth in this matter.

1) If you believe you are a dolphin, you are a dolphin. (The Rachel Dolezal defense.)
2) The birth certificate tells the whole story.
3) A DNA test will settle this. 
4) The truth is no one's business / Race Doesn't Exist

I don't care what the truth is in this matter. To me, he is merely an off-white whigger leftist - which is reason enough to despise him. His physical and mental ugliness allow me to readily believe he is just what he claims to be - a member of the Black race. What I truly care about is that the destruction of White Western Civilization has been progressing so rapidly that within my lifetime Amerikwans have reversed the course of "passing" so that members of our society are now desperately attempting to be identified (whether physically or just mentally) with the ugliest, most brutish, most contemptible element of our society - the nigger. That is the measure of our decline.

Now, I shall go make the rounds of the White Whateverist Web and see what my peers have to say about this matter. I wonder what the prevailing wisdom will be? I shall post some of the results on the Unrectified Reports page.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Jewey Jared from Subway Pleads Guilty

Looks as if Jewey Jared Fogle from Subway did, in fact, touch the chilluns. Wow, a Jewish child molester -  who would have thunk it? So stereotypes exist for a reason. According to the first article linked in this post, Jared will now spend the next 5 to 10 years receiving 6 to 12 inches, measurements with which he was orally familiar, but now with which he shall become anally familiar.

It must be so shocking to the fat-haters out there that a nutritionally kosher anti-fat crusader ended up being a terrible person. Because fat = bad and skinny = good, right? Guess not. It would be just swell if the sheeple would seriously ask themselves: How in the world did this guy become a celebrity in the first place? What does it say about our society that we made a millionaire out of a child molesting low-calorie-sandwich enthusiast? Is humanity really that shallow, that this heeb deviant was considered a role model, just because he had successfully dieted?

I know I spent most of yesterday's post making fat jokes at Rosie O'Donnell's expense, so it would be easy to count me among the fat-haters. But just because I make disparaging jokes about something, doesn't mean I hate it. Also, I know in hypersensitive, touchy-feely, special snowflake Amerikwa, criticism = hate, but that is not true.  I hate Rosie O'Donnell because she is a culture-destroying, Hollyweird tool, not because she is fat. Making fun of her for being fat is just what it sounds like - making fun - having fun by making jokes. Rosie could get gastric bypass and become skinny like Al Sharpton did - but just as with Al Sharpton, my hatred would remain because I despise leftism.

But what about those in our society whose opinions of a person actually improve simply because the person loses weight? Isn't it disturbing to consider that there are actually people who developed a good opinion of Jared Fogle merely because he was a sandwich-shop's poster-kike for successful weight loss, and that said good opinion will now be tarnished by discovering he was a chillun-toucher? They must exist, otherwise, Jared wouldn't have become a celebrity and a millionaire. Could you imagine meeting such a person? Someone who would actually  say "I really liked Jared, before I found out he molested kids." Should you encounter this being, wiping sweet onion teriyaki from its chin, you will know immediately that you are looking the reason for the Death of the West straight in the face.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Rosie O'Donnell Loses a Member of her Pod


Rosie O'Donnell's official website has posted a public notice that Rosie's (adopted) daughter Chelsea has gone missing. Quoting O'Donnell:

"One minute I was straining krill through my baleen, my calf Chelsea scraping barnacles from my undercarriage, and the next minute "poof!", she's gone like an erection after a glimpse of my face, or body, or after hearing the sound of my voice, or catching a whiff of my holding tank."

[Note: The preceding was not an actual quote, though somehow still an accurate quote.]

"Oh, but that is just terrible A-drey-drey! How can you kick a whale-woman when she is down!" Do you know of a more convenient time to kick her? Alright, let's read an actual excerpt from the notice:

Rosie O’Donnell’s 17 year old daughter, Chelsea O’Donnell was reported missing. Nyack, New York police authorities have been looking for her in the Rockland County area since Sunday, August 16. She was last seen Tuesday, August 11. She was wearing a black sweatshirt hoodie, dark ripped blue jeans, women’s grey converse sneakers and a black backpack. Chelsea has a large tattoo on her right side of a dream catcher with the word ‘Breathe.’ She left home with her 6 month old therapy dog named Bear. The dog is a 9 lbs brown and black terrier. Chelsea stopped taking her medicine and is in need of medical attention.

Holy shit, the kid's been gone for a week, but you only started looking for her on Sunday? So Rosie, finally look up from between your latest "girl"friend's legs and discover one of your publicity stunts (children) has run away?That's some quality parenting of a child that needs a therapy dog and is on meds. Or perhaps your neglect is the reason the child needs those things in the first place, eh?

Anyone here wondering why the child might have run away? Let's consider a few possibilities:

1) Her adopted mother has been going through a bitter, highly publicized, lesbian-divorce. In this LINK Rosie's ex reveals that Rosie uses 24/7 nannies to tend her menagerie of children.
2) Her adopted mother has been accused by her birth mother of having stolen custody while said birth mother was high on drugs. LINK
3) Her adopted mother recently went around telling people how she would like to smear her menstrual blood on the faces of those with whom she disagrees. LINK. That alone should be reason enough to want to stay out of arm's reach of O'Donnell.

I know some of you will wonder why this story should be covered at all. Who cares, right? Well, every fucking day of our lives we are told by Hollyweird hypocrites how wrong are traditional values, traditional families, and traditional ways of life. O'Donnell is one of the most vocal culture-destroying celebrities in Hollyweird. She is a propaganda mouthpiece who endlessly spouts off about the War on Women (see the LINK for #3). Isn't it satisfying to know her own daughter deserted her on the field of battle?

By the way, this afternoon it was announced that the po-pos have found Chelsea O'Donnell, who is described as being "in their custody" at this time. She better get a maxi-pad for her face before Mommy Queerest shows up to take possession of her wayward prop.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Morgan Freeman's Step-Granddaughter Murdered in Coke-Fueled Exorcism

More good news today!
Morgan Freeman’s granddaughter, E’Dena Hines, was murdered brutally Sunday on a Manhattan sidewalk at about 3 a.m. Her boyfriend, in a psychotic drug-induced delusional rage, stabbed her 16 times in the chest. He was screaming, “Get out, devils! I cast you out, devils! In the name of Jesus Christ, I cast you out!” Even after the police pulled him off her and the knife was left in her chest, he kept stabbing with his arm. As he straddled her now lifeless body, he shouted, “Jesus Christ is born!” Just evil. Hines was 33 and a talented actress. She was especially close to her grandfather, Morgan Freeman. 

[R]apper accused of murdering Morgan Freeman’s step-granddaughter in 'cocaine-fuelled exorcism'

Lamar Davenport, 30, allegedly stabbed 33-year-old E’Dena Hines to death in the street as he screamed: “Get out, devils. In the name of Jesus Christ, I cast you out.” [...]

Ray Rosario, who claims to be Davenport’s best friend, says he went out for dinner with the couple and some friends on Saturday night.
He told The Daily Beast: “I’m still trying to come to grips with what happened.” Rosario added the pair were “ecstatic” just hours before the brutal killing. 

Ecstatic, eh? Were they sniffing a lot and wiping powder from their noses too? You know, it would be great if there was a video out there of the murder. Morgan Freeman could provide the voice-over for it.

Freeman's really got some 'splaining to do here. I mean, he's God, right? Hollyweird never tires of making him the ultimate font of divine wisdom no matter whatever Saintly Negro role he's got. Why didn't he intervene and tell Davenport "Stay thy hand!" and provide a bucket of fried chicken to be offered as a sacrifice in place of Hines? Black God works in mysterious ways. Who am I kidding, Black God work?

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Nigger Kills Mudshark Mama, Her New Muh Dik, and Her 6 Mudlings

Wonderful news today!

Jealous Man Breaks Into His Ex-Girlfriend's House And Kills Her, The New Husband, And His Six Children Execution Style
A 49-year-old man named Ray Conley was apprehended by law enforcement officers earlier this month. Only hours after killing his ex-girlfriend, Valerie Jackson, her husband, and his six children, Conley called up Jackson's brother to confess his crime. 

Earl Yanske the brother of Valerie recalls asking Ray, "Did you kill my sister?" He replied coldly, "Yes, I did." Earl said, "It was like me asking if he went to the grocery store and he said, 'Yeah,'" Conley said. "There was totally no emotion in his voice."

Ray Conley executed the entire family, even his own children!
Give that sub-ape a complete set of gold teef, a truck full of watermelons, and an Outstanding Achievement Award for the Benefit of the White Race (printed on paper that may be rolled into marijuana cigarettes!) And of course, give him a full and immediate pardon, with compliments of Compulsory Diversity News.

Just when you think the news is nothing but doom and gloom, the endless litany of Western decline - along comes a story that warms the heart and restores faith that there is still some good left in this world. Thank you, Ray Conley!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Children's Book Illustrator Turns Anti-White


Illustrator Mary Engelbreit has made many fans for her work in stationery, home goods, and children’s books for over 30 years.

But today, some of those fans are not so happy with anti-racist artwork she’s posted on her Facebook as a tribute to Michael Brown, who was killed nearly a year ago.

The first, posted early this morning, shows a mother and child in front of a newspaper (from “Everywhere, USA”) that reads, “Hands up! Don’t shoot.”

Now, you would think that after the narrative of “Hands up! Don’t shoot.” was thoroughly debunked and discredited (even by leftists) an illustrator would be more cautious about alienating her target audience by promoting falsehoods, but you would be wrong. You see, the only narrative that matters to a cunt like Mary Engelbreit is the narrative of White guilt. It is the only truth, and therefore anything that contradicts it automatically becomes a lie, and anyone who disagrees is a racist. Don't believe she could be this deeply committed to falsity and doublethink? Watch her double-down - quoting the story at the original link:

“There are no words to express how little I care if I lose every bigoted, racist, homophobic and/or sexist follower I have.”

No words, eh? Well, no one ever said you had a gift for cogently explaining your point of view, cunt. So anyone who disagrees with you is a bigot, racist, homophobe, or sexist. Big market for children's nursery rhyme illustrations in that group, eh?

Mz. Engelbreit, I know the only thing you love more than hideous turquoise jewelry is the thought of mounds of dead White children who were gang-raped by black Muslims before having their throats cut with rusty abortionist's scalpels, but I hate to inform you that your target audience is not made up of your bitter enemies - White Supremacist misogynists who think #BlackLivesDon'tMatter. To reiterate - the criticism you are receiving is from purchasers of children's nursery rhyme books - your fans, who think you are promoting a lie, and have evidence to support you are promoting a lie. Regardless, your paranoid narcissism is truly something to behold!

You see, if anything, black parents should not be teaching their kids "Hand's up don't shoot.", they should be teaching their kids not to steal, assault shopkeeps, and fight police officers. But in your little world of White-saviourism, you know what is best for black parents to teach their kids. You prove that, in your mad quest to destroy Whiteness, you are willing to dispose of as many black pawns as necessary to see that social justice be done, though the heavens fall. 

Those who truly cared about black lives would be better served with the following message:

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Kike Declares POW/MIA Flag is Now Racist

You have two choices: Be lectured to by a kike about how the POW/MIA is racist, or stop reading now and go shove bamboo splinters under your fingernails.

Is there anyone left reading? You freakin' masochists.

Newsweek contributor: The next flag that should come down is the ‘racist’ POW/MIA flag 
What’s [Rick] Perlstein’s real beef with the flag? Because “Richard Nixon invented the cult of the ‘POW/MIA’ in order to justify the carnage in Vietnam in a way that rendered the United States as its sole victim” and to “paint the North Vietnamese as uniquely cruel and inhumane.” “The moral confusion was abetted by the flag,” he continues: “the barbed-wire misery of that stark white figure, emblazoned in black.”

You can read Perlstein's article here. You know my biggest beef with this quote? The figure is in fact black. But Rick (Oy Vey!) Perlstein is genetically programmed to hate the White race, so the figure transmuted to White in his fevered kike imagination. Look at this picture of a sub-ape air-forcist making out with the POW/MIA figure and then tell me what color the figure is.

Well, clearly in Rick Perlstein's mind, that is a white racist silhouette being tongued by the horny sub-ape-ess. See that figure of a little man in the tower - he is stark white too, right Rick?

So what has been the reaction from the MSM regarding Rick Perlstein's point of view on the flag? Well, for some mysterious reason, no one will touch it. Oh, but its such a trivial little thing, not worthy of public notice I'm sure. The mass media are not ones to try and stir up fake controversies over nothing! What stories of vital import and sober thoughtfulness top it on the big three cable networks' websites at this moment?

FuxNews: Photo of woman breast-feeding friend’s son ignites controversy
CuckNewsNetwork: News anchor storms off set over Kardashians
MSNBeCuck: Plastic bag removed from whale's mouth.

So Rosie O'Donnell is saved once again by leftist do-gooders. I have been planting plastic bags in her pool for years trying to finish her off. Just let her eat them thinking they are jellyfish, dammit!!!

Do you know why I think the mass media haven't yet touched this POW/MIA Flag story? They are still mulling over how to break this story to the masses without it sounding like ... Jews: Why We Can't Have Nice Things.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

And you think this Mike Brown crap can't get weirder?

Parading around the streets of Ferguson with a severed pig's head not weird enough for you folks? How about getting a tattoo of a disembodied pig's head on your shoulder?

Black people with black tattoos. More brilliance from the sub-apes. Can you make out the image? It's Michael of Dindu, otherwise known as Saint Ape-ius of Ferguson. The shoulder is Michael Brown's father's. Now some may say this is a touching tribute to his fallen spawn. To those people I say - please consider suicide. For everyone else, please consider these questions I would like Michael Brown Sr. to answer regarding his dot-matrix quality tattoo:

Why would you (Michael Brown Sr.) get a tattoo of someone you love, but that you cannot see without a couple of mirrors? Not that I don't understand why someone might not want to look daily at that fat gorilla and his many folds and creases, but he is your son, named after his father. Perhaps you didn't want to put the tattoo on the front of your body, to spare your baby mama the image of her son's face rhythmically thrusting toward her during coitus. However, what happens if said baby mama grabs your shoulder during the act and then realizes she is clutching her fat son's face while she is being plowed? That weird enough for you? Or, perhaps, was the idea to ward off prison rape by having your dead son literally watch your back? I would appreciate if you submit your answers in writing, as I have little patience for ooga-booga talk.

You know, there is one other possibility here. Perhaps Michael Brown Sr., in a moment of crack-fueled idiocy back in the 80's, got himself a tattoo of Fat Albert, which he obscured in shame these many decades. What a stroke of luck that his son weighed 500 pounds and just happened to be murdered. Brown Sr. can finally wear wife-beater shirts again!

Monday, August 10, 2015

The Shooting of Tyrone Harris: Fingers Crossed for Michael Brown II

Hmph ... no traction on yesterday's severed pig head paraded in front of the Ferguson police department. Amazing how selective the mass media can be in building their narrative. Consider if a white man had brought a plush toy gorilla and laid it face down at the site of the Michael Brown shooting. Do you think the mass media would have taken note then?

Let's see the narrative that is being constructed over at the Daily Mail, with their one-liner picture-laden style of reporting:

Harrowing video emerged on Sunday night of a man who was shot in Ferguson on the first anniversary of the death of Michael Brown

The suspect has been identified as 18-year-old Tyrone Harris Junior by his father, who revealed that his son was a 'real close' school friend of the late Michael Brown

'We think there's a lot more to this than what's being said,' Harris' father, Tyrone Harris Sr, said after the shooting

In footage taken by protester Tony Rice, Rice can be heard yelling at police: 'Please give him some help! He's bleeding out man, please give him some help.'

Harris looked lifeless on the ground before he was taken away in an ambulance to the hospital for treatment. He was last reported in critical and unstable condition 

Outstanding. "That face you make when you dindu nuffin." Better than the Michael Brown death photo (see below), which didn't show his apish anguish. Do groids always pull their pants halfway down before they die, or were their pants like that before? Hopefully, this little ass-flashing dindu will die and there can be a whole new reason to let slip the groids of war through the streets of Amerikwa. I know there were expectations of mass unrest nationwide following the grand jury decision not to indict Darren Wilson, but remember, it was cold outside in November. The August heat is a wonderful time for groidal games.

Roidal Rampaging is fine for the dindus, but what can we expect from the White Guilt Chalkies on this anniversary of the martyrdom of Saint Ape-ius of Ferguson? The narrative continues ...

Protesters perform a 'die-in' while they take part in a rally at Barclays Center marking the first anniversary of the death of Michael Brown, in Brooklyn, New York on Sunday

Though my reaction to the first picture was to smile, it took me longer to smile at this picture. I started from a position of disgust, but eventually found the humor here. Allow me to share with you this transition. First Thought: Freakin' White Guilt Suicidalists - stop feigning death and please just die already. Second Thought: Heh ... they made the one darkie in the crowd hold up the sign while the Chalkies just get to lie around! Perhaps she can wash the floor for them once they stand back up. Third Thought: If you Chalkies really want to stage a die-in that is an accurate depiction of the death of black men, pull your pants halfway down and then lie face down on the pavement, nose pressed to the ground just like the chimps with whom you so identify. Fourth Thought: How great would it be to see some guy stand right over that plaid-shirted lesbian in the foreground, squat over her face and let out a giant fart? Can you imagine the outraged headlines? Hate crime! Lesbian claims she was farted on during die-in.

It's up to us to honor this solemn occasion with all the flatulent dignity we can muster.