Thursday, July 16, 2015

The West: Not Death, but Putrefaction

This morning when I got up, the power was off in my home. My very first thought - "Oh, good. Jade Helm has gone national. I better get ready to be carted away to the tunnels below Walmart." Yes - my inner monologue is a sarcastic bastard. It turns out the power interruption was temporary, and martial law had not been imposed. But reflecting on the incident later, it occurred to me that it is useless talking about what will kill the West - the West is already dead. The daily manifestations of Western death are not what they seem. They are not the symptoms of disease, they are the signs of decay - the putrefaction of the West's corpse. As depressing as this may be, I think it may be accurate. When I reviewed the news tonight, I encountered several stories that reeked of exploding cadaver intestines.

1) Caityln Jenner Receives Courage Reward at the ESPYs. I can't get through his acceptance speech. It is really too disturbing listening to the voice of Bruce Jenner coming out of that drag queen's mouth.

2) In Tennessee, Four Marines Killed by Muzzie. Commander in Chimp Obongo described this as a "heartbreaking circumstance". What an odd thing to say. Not tragedy - not terrorist attack - not hate crime - circumstance.

3) Planned Parenthood Denies Selling Fetal Tissues ... after an undercover video was released showing an abortion doctor discussing the best way to kill fetuses in order to maximize harvest of their organs.

Stand back, or be showered with putrid entrails.


  1. Repeat after me: islam is a religion of peace
    terrorism has nothing to do with islam
    not all muslims support terror
    This is the same bullshit they repeat after a muzzie explodes and is given 72 underage virgin boys

    was the aidsy award shaped as a 15 inch golden penis?

    1. HA! That comment is over the top - good work =D