Thursday, July 23, 2015

Saintly Negro Saves Nazi in South Carolina


COLUMBIA, S.C. — Amid angry demonstrations over the Confederate flag last weekend, a quiet gesture of human kindness unfolded on the steps to South Carolina’s State House: A white man overcome by the sweltering heat and wearing a Nazi swastika on his T-shirt was escorted to rest and shelter by a black man wearing an officer’s uniform. That man in the uniform was Leroy Smith, who runs the state Department of Public Safety, and a photo of his Saturday encounter with the man wearing the swastika has gone viral on the Internet.
Gov. Nikki Haley’s spokesman, Rob Godfrey, was observing from the State House portico when he snapped a cellphone photo of Smith helping the man. He quickly posted it to Twitter, where it has received hundreds of thousands of views. It’s also been picked up by news media around the world.

“What Leroy Smith did totally overshadowed what went on at the State House when those from outside South Carolina tried to disrupt a time of healing and unity in our state,” Godfrey said on Wednesday.

I am willing to accept this story and photo at face value, and I encourage all White Whateverists to do the same. However, it is important to remember that Leroy Smith was simply doing his job.

Drippy Leftist Cunt: Did you see that African American help that Nazi?!? Isn't that amazing?
A-drey-drey: Do you mean did I see that police officer help that citizen? Because that is exactly what that officer is bound to do, and that is one of the services afforded this citizen in return for paying his taxes.
I know it is hard to keep it that simple, for even I was tempted to write today's post thanking the officer. But when emotions are put aside, reason dictates that the outpouring of sentimentalism over this event simply reveals how low are White society's expectations of black behavior ... or perhaps of police behavior ... or perhaps both.

What do the leftists expect the officer to do? Be photographed smiling over a dying Nazi? What do leftists want? Do they want us to fear and hate the police as a symbol of White supremacy, or do they want us to respect and love the police as a force for healing America's racial divide?

Here's what I want - Gentle readers, would you mind going forth on the interwebs and posting links to the story under the caption "SHOCKING: Police Sympathize with White Supremacists at Confederate Flag Rally!" I think the confusion that will result would be heil-arious. But, if you are too busy spamming about White genocide, I will understand.


  1. "a black man wearing an officer’s uniform"? what the fuck? are they trying to imply he was a member of the village people? bad journalism

    lets look at it another way, what if officer negro told the white guy "fuck off you racist" and left him to die he would be an even bigger hero,

    white cops and EMS workers save millions of niggers every year and no one bats an eyelid
    The demon kikes are desperate to start a race war

    1. If they are trying to start a race war, I wish them well. Personally, I think they are boiling the frog slowly to prevent open conflict, which would set back their agenda of Western death through miscegenation.