Thursday, July 09, 2015

Panera: Live consciously - upside yo' head.

In this video, the nigger manager of a Panera restaurant bitch-slaps and then punches his female beaner employee. Quoting the manager, "I said no pickles, bitch!". Just kidding.

Notice that the staff seems almost entirely comprised of blackies and brownies, but somehow - for some impossible-to-explain reason - they aren't getting along. O Lord, kum bay ya! No doubt that evil criminal mastermind, the Confederate Battle Flag, used its sinister powers to sow dissension among the dark hordes. Also notice that a white patron is filling in for the role of sassy black commentator when he hoots, "Ooo Snap! Ooo Snap!". What an amateur - he forgot to scream "!" while the niggering was in progress.


  1. Video yanked by mother youtube. :(

    1. Typical. Good thing I prepared for such an exigency. Fixed.