Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Nothing compares to ewww...

Do you know who this is?

It's Sinead O'Connor. Oh ... my ... god. I had no idea Father Time was keeping Sinead in his rape dungeon for the past 2 decades. At least he fed her well.

Now, on with the story. Quoting:

Music has officially died, according to Sinead O’Connor. The outspoken musician has called for a boycott on Rolling Stone magazine after it placed Kim Kardashian on its front cover.
O’Connor wrote on her Facebook page: “What is this c*** doing on the cover of Rolling Stone? Music has officially died. Who knew it would be Rolling Stone that murdered it?

Funny, that's what I thought when Rolling Stone put Sinead on the cover - but there was no Facebook back then to go kvetch on.

Oh, Sinead. You may have been the feminist role model of the 90's, but your screeching, pope-shredding, nut-shrinking brand of female empowerment has gone the way of the dodo. The way of the booby now rules the hen house. Welcome to being a reactionary.


  1. i thought women wanted to stick together and "girl power" and " i dont need no man" and all that bullshit,its a tough choice busty AIDS infected kardashian or bald fat irish loony? id rather muh dik myself

    1. Brotherhood, sisterhood, transpersonhood, it's all the same baloney. The only way leftists can get along is when they have someone on the right to hate. When they don't have that, they turn on each other. This is why it is important to stand back and let the left eat its own.

  2. You are so mean to Sinead. It is obviously transitioning into a man. Respect its choices.

    1. Ha! I'd rather not.

      Sinead is transitioning to Uncle Fester, and Kim is transitioning to Stretch Assstrong.