Friday, July 31, 2015

Not So Model Minority: Slope Murders Her Tiger Mom


Jennifer Pan’s parents regarded her as their “golden” child. [...] a straight A student at a Catholic school who won scholarships and early acceptance to college. True to her father’s wishes, she graduated from the University of Toronto’s prestigious pharmacology program

But in [Jennifer’s] case, that perfect fate was all an elaborate lie. She failed to graduate from high school, let alone the University of Toronto, as she had told her parents.
[...] Pan’s parents finally got suspicious, began tailing her and learned the truth. When she confessed her deceptions, life in the Pan household quickly began to unravel. [...]

When Pan’s parents learned that all of their efforts had been for naught, they placed further restrictions on their now-adult daughter. No more cellphone. No more laptop. No more clandestine dates with her boyfriend, Daniel Wong.

While she eventually gained more freedom, Pan stayed angry. She thought about how much better her life would be without her parents. And so, with Daniel’s help, she plotted to kill the two people who had made her life like “house arrest.”

[...] In a planned murder disguised to look like a robbery gone awry, Pan played the part of helpless witness as three hired hit men [...] fatally shot her mother and severely wounded her father. She called 911, distraught, to bolster the illusion. [...]

This January, an Ontario court found Pan and her three-co accused (Wong, Crawford and Mylvaganam) guilty of first-degree murder and attempted murder.

Ho-ree crap. So much for the model minority. It appears tiger moms have been put on notice. I find most of the details of this case to be truly bizarre, but the reaction of her parents to finding out she had lied about graduating high school and college seem to me the most bizarre. As if taking away her cellphone, laptop, and not letting her wang-chung anymore were going to cure Jennifer Pan of her pathological lying.

What am I saying, the most bizarre part is that Jennifer Pan's boyfriend was Asian. That was a huge red flag right there! What intelligent, self-respecting, well-adjusted Asian girl doesn't date/marry a White guy? Seriously - a White boyfriend would not have helped Jennifer Pan murder her parents. He would have said - tell them the truth and grow the fuck up. Keep in mind, this isn't a case of some overwraught teenage love triangle. Pan is 28-years-old! Only an Asian guy would be so deranged as to tell 28-year-old Jennifer that her parents' stifling influence could only be removed through parenticide.


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