Friday, July 17, 2015

NAACP Decries Cartoon Racism By Being Racist


A Sacramento, Calif. newspaper is at the center of a racism controversy after releasing an issue last week with Mayor Kevin Johnson on the cover.

[...] the Sacramento chapter of the NAACP is demanding an apology because they believe the front page image and cartoons in the Sacramento News & Review are stereotypical in nature.

Stephen T. Webb, president of the NAACP Sacramento chapter, said he is "disgusted" by the cartoon which he deemed a "racist picture." Webb says the images are reminiscent to 1930 and 1940 minstrel show pictures.

“They’ve made him very, very dark, they’ve made very large lips, wide eyes, kind of a spoof on things,” he told KTXL.

OK, let's see this racist cartoon...

Wow, that does seem like a pretty racist cartoon - love it. But that is, of course, not the picture in question. Here it is ...

Hmmm ... that doesn't amuse me like the first picture. It looks to me as if some generic black guy doesn't like what he is reading in the paper - must be the Help Wanted ads. Now that is how you make something racist! OK, so what does the mayor of Sacramento look like?

Oh. So he looks exactly like the cartoon image. Damn, accuracy in depicting black people is so racist. When you see how closely the cartoon and real images match, it makes what the NAACP president said that much funnier [and racist]!

“They’ve made him very, very dark, they’ve made very large lips, wide eyes, kind of a spoof on things [...]

HA! I think you meant "spook" on things. To reiterate today's lesson - accurately depicting a black person in art is now racism.

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