Sunday, July 19, 2015

Lisa Brown: New Black Standard of Sanity


An ex-NFL player’s mistress kidnapped his wife and shot her to death before turning the gun on herself, police said.

Lisa Brown, the 49-year-old mistress of former Buffalo Bills tight end Buster Barnett, was being pursued by Georgia cops on Thursday when she stopped in the middle of the highway, shot 58-year-old Sandra Barnett and then committed suicide.

Talk about a sports nut. Derp! Was that insensitive? I'm just glad it was an all-Negro event. Can you imagine the stink if the shooter had been White? We really dodged a bullet there - unlike Sandra and Lisa. Derp! I did it again.

You know, this would seem like a perfect opportunity to point out the importance of faithfulness and monogamy in a married relationship, but I am sure some moral relativist would come scurrying along arguing that infidelity does not typically lead to murder, and therefore this event should not be used to sully the time-honored tradition of cheating on your spouse.

I wonder if Barnett met his mistress through the cheating-website Ashley Madison? Noel Biderman, the kike who created that website, no doubt spends a lot of time rubbing his rat paws together in glee at the thought of the misery his philosophy inspires: “Life is short. Have an affair.” Meanwhile, proving that what is good for the goyim ain't good for the chosen, Biderman has been quoted saying he would be devastated to discover his wife was using his website.

You know, this incident has prompted me to offer a revised motto: "Want to shorten your life? Have an affair."

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