Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Jewey Jared from Subway Just Got Served

Here is something weird - Subway suspends relationship with spokesman Jared Fogle after FBI raids his Indiana home in child porn investigation

Say what now? Jared always seemed like a Jewish faggot to me, but he touched the childrens?

The surprise announcement from the fast food company came mere hours after the feds descended on the Zionsville, Ind., residence where Fogle lives with his wife and two sons. [...]

Now there is a surprise - he's not gay. Still Jewish though. Jewish child molester? Stereotype ahoy!

The feds were seen removing electronics equipment from the Fogle home just two months after authorities arrested the head of Fogle’s anti-obesity foundation on eight kiddie porn charges. [...]

Fogle's wife and kids left just after the 6:30 a.m. raid began, local media reported. He was not charged with any crime, and drove off with his lawyer and without making any comment. [...]

Head over here for some funny reactions to this story. So what do you think? Is he truly a children-toucher? Seems kind of strange to search his house just because someone in his charity was a child pornographer. Maybe there is something going on?


  1. sneaky jew rats, the name fogel comes from the name vogel, which is as jewish as a penis sucking rabbi, if you are the chosen ones and we are filthy goy then use your own kike surnames
    he loves munching on footlongs

    1. Jews taking gentile names - isn't that cultural appropriation?

  2. Update: A woman claims the FBI asked her to secretly record Subway's Jared Fogle talking about middle-school girls.