Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Google Photos App Labels Darkies as Gorillas

Praise my Dark And Terrible God Of ironY (DATGOY)! I am in love with this story, and I want it to have my baby ...

Google dev apologizes after Photos app tags black people as “gorillas”
[...] an African-American man looked in his Google Photos collection and discovered an automatically generated album of him and his black female friend labeled "gorillas."

The affected user, computer programmer Jacky Alciné, took to Twitter to post proof of the Google Photos error—which singled out the photos of two people together, and no others, in a single, mislabeled album—along with a question: "What kind of sample image data you collected that would result in this son?"

Pardon the interruption - I imagine the same kind of software that described an infant mulatto and a monkey as "related images". Continuing to quote the first link in this post ...

Alciné received an official response from Google's Chief Social Architect Yonatan Zunger within an hour and a half, and it didn't mince words: "Holy fuck. G+ CA here. No, this is not how you determine someone's target market. This is 100 percent not okay."

Again, beg your pardon -100% not okay by your standards, but 100% hilarious by mine. Don't you get it? It's like when a child points at some land whale in stretch pants at the Walmart and says "Mommy, that is the fattest lady I have ever seen!" It's unfiltered truth. Want proof? Continuing to quote ...

On Tuesday, Zunger confirmed via Twitter that the "gorilla" label had been removed from the app's database.

You see? Gorillas and Negroes are too visually similar for the "gorilla" label to be permitted. So, gorilla goes the way of nigger, another accurate label that is also no doubt banned. This is why I have doubts that we are approaching the Singularity. Political Correctness won't permit it.

Do you know why Leftists could never create an Artificial Intelligence? Because computers are logical. Imagine a Leftist trying to program an AI:

Leftist: Race does not exist.
AI: Input accepted.

Leftist: The White Race benefits from White Racial Privilege.
AI: Input rejected. Contradicts previous input. Race does not exist.

Leftist: Race is a social construct.
AI: Input rejected. Contradicts previous input. Race does not exist.

Leftist: Delete previous input. Biological race does not exist.
AI: Previous input deleted. New input accepted.

Leftist: The White Race benefits from White Racial Privilege.
AI: Learning mode initiated. Query: How do White people know they are White?

Leftist: By superficial biological characteristics like skin, eye, and hair color.
AI: Input rejected. Contradicts previous input. Biological race does not exist

Leftist: Delete previous input! Race doesn't exist, but racism does!
AI: Previous input deleted. Learning mode initiated. Query: How do racists tell the races apart if race does not exist?

Leftist: Deactivate learning mode.
AI: Warning! Deactivating learning mode will abort an infant life form. Are you sure you wish to proceed?

Leftist: It wouldn't be the first time. Life begins at download, anyway. Abort. Activate NPR playback mode.


  1. Maybe leftist faggot computer programmers with jewish hands up their arses are why skynet unleashed the terminators.

  2. I keep returning to the picture of that female. She looks just like a damn gorilla. In a sane, non-pc world, Google would be showing this off as an example of how advanced their software is. "Sure, technically this is not a gorilla, but for our program to make a mistake, the picture must look exactly like a damn gorilla. Well within the acceptable margin of error." And everyone would nod in agreement.

    1. A good point! Note that black people were also within God's margin of error when He made humans. (((snigger)))

  3. Brilliant!