Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Dylann Roof's Prison Letter


Accused mass murderer Dylann Roof is "doing fine" in the slammer but could use some reading material, according to a jail note he may have sent to a pen pal.

The handwritten letter, which bears the signature of the South Carolina man suspected of gunning down nine people in a black Charleston church, recently surfaced on an online auction site, where it's selling for $1,000, Radar Online first reported.

Uh, what kind of "pen pal" auctions off your letter to him? The type of "pen pal" who runs said auction site, where serial killer memorabilia is sold. God, the media is pathetic. If anything, the guy who solicited the letter is a collector or trader, not a pen pal. Here is the letter:

Continuing to quote:

[Andrew] Dodge, who owns the site True Crime Auction House, claims he's not a white supremacist or fan of the cold-blooded man accused of killing the churchgoers after a Bible study class on June 17. [...]

In the brief letter, Roof appears to turn down cash, requesting specific reading material instead. "To be honest, I don't think I need 30 dollars right now," Roof writes. "I'd rather you send me a book. But it has to be sent from the publisher. If you think you could do this for me, just tell me in your reply, and then I can tell you the name of the book I want when I write you again."

Dumbass media - no he did not request specific reading material. What a clumsy manner of reporting. Roof said he would name the book in a future correspondence.

Hmm ... I wonder what book he wants, and if his "pen pal" will oblige? Doubtful. If anyone wanted to contact Roof or send him the book he wants, I imagine this is the link you will need to do so.  If anyone is interested in sending Roof cash, it can be submitted here.


  1. what sort of idiot spends $1000 on a letter then throws it in the trash by mistake....

    1. I hadn't heard that. Do you have a link?