Wednesday, July 29, 2015


When I first read the term "cuckservative" I imagined it meant a voter who chooses a candidate because the candidate claims to be conservative, only to be cheated on by that candidate getting in bed with leftists once elected. "Huh.", I thought, "That's clever." However, I was apparently gravely mistaken, and I have been enlightened by reading articles relating to a right-wing war that has broken out over the term.

Let's start here: “Cuckservative” is a Racist Slur and an Attack on Evangelical Christians
By: Erick Erickson

AA says: What?!? Who is it racist against, and what does it have to do with Christians? Wow, I really missed the mark. Quoting that article:

[...] the phrase “cuckservative” is a racist slur. It is used by racists in support of a racialist agenda. The people who use it are not opposed to illegal immigration, but are opposed to immigration in general. They are opposed to evangelical Christians who support interracial adoption. They are opposed to anyone who does not think in terms of the white race. [...]

Remember, if you hear the term "cuckservative," it is a slur against Christian voters coined by white supremacists.

It was? Why wasn't I notified?!? This is freakin' ridiculous. I am one of the only White Whateverists in the world who will admit to being a White Supremacist, and this is the first I am hearing of this. Ok, let's accept this at face value - does that mean it is inaccurate? Just because something was invented by a white supremacist doesn't mean it is incorrect, now does it? How useful it must be not to have to answer the claim of being a cuckservative (whatever its true meaning), simply because it is a term invented by White Supremacists. That's the very definition of an ad hominem attack. Or is pointing out an ad hominem attack an insult invented by racist Romans to slur Christians and justify feeding them to lions?

Now, is there another opinion on the term? ‘Cuckservative’ Is a Gloriously Effective Insult That Should Not Be Slurred, Demonised, or Ridiculed by Milo Yiannopoulos

Ok - so you admit it is an insult, but what do you think it means?

The drama started on July 22, when Rush Limbaugh referred to critics of Donald Trump as “cuckolded Republicans.” A day later, Red State’s Erick Erickson said the term was “coined by white supremacists” as a “slur against Christian voters.” This was echoed by a Daily Caller columnist, and then reported on in the liberal New Republic. By then, the internet was on fire with allegations that “cuckservative” was a racist term.

Here’s my verdict: all the writers above are wrong. As someone who’s been covering web culture and online memes for years and who has a great deal of respect for how well many right-wingers have taken to internet culture, I’m slightly embarrassed by my fellow conservatives’ inability to understand a term that returned to popular use not on white power websites, but on 4chan.

Mike Cernovich, a lawyer and blogger who has used the hashtag enthusiastically, describes what it means to him: “A cuckservative is a Republican who enjoys watching his friends on the right, and indeed his entire country, get screwed by the radical left.”

Alright, anyone else have an opinion? The Very First “Cuckservative” Tweets Show Exactly What It’s Really About by soopermexican

I understand the knee-jerk reaction. Liberals call EVERYTHING racist, so we feel protective. But sorry, folks, some shit is just racist. And this is racist. It’s one thing to deride conservatives who pander by changing conservative polices to leftist policies to try to get minority votes. I get that. I dislike it, and I’m against it. I’ve written against it.

But when using the term “cuckservative” you skyrocket yourself into another level, because that has been used in a different fasion since it was first coined by white supremacists and other racists. [...]

This has all snowballed over the last three months until some good decent people are using it and defending it as non-racist. But when you see who popularized it, and what they’re about, I don’t know how it’s defendable.

Just an FYI - I didn't spot the word "Christian" in any of these tweets - sorry Erick C. Erickson (can you guess what the C. stands for?). Again, because the term was supposedly invented by White Supremacists, it is ... what exactly? Taboo? Verboten? This is the most laughable of the commentaries I've read so far about the term, because super beaner notes that calling something racist is used by leftists to unjustly silence conservatives, and in the next breath he attempts to silence conservatives by calling them racist for using the term.

So with 2 out of 3 writers in agreement, here is the definition of racism for today: A White man calling another White man a cuckservative. How cuckservative is that?


  1. Here is one of the better cuckservative ( cuckold + conservative) twitter feeds

    and some good news (for a change)

    1. Both are great links, thank you William!

      Here's hoping that we see an ever-intensifying backlash against the leftists murdering our civilization, and the rightists helping them do it.

  2. a better term would be kosherservative , but its a good start,
    speaking of kikes, "ultra orthodox" jew stabs six fag jews at fag pride Jerusalem
    will this get as much coverage as hulk hogan saying nigger? or paula deen? dont count on it

    1. Ha! Good story. Loved this part:

      Zoe Shoshei, aged 18, told the Guardian she was knocked over as the attacker stabbed a man she was talking to in the back.

      “I saw him stab one man who was wearing heels and shorty shorts and the man I was talking to who was wearing ordinary clothes.

      “He knocked me over. I saw he had a very big knife. He stabbed the man next to me in the back so hard it was, like, ‘I hate you!’”

      So much for Jews having the gift for gab. Stabbed "so hard it was ,like, I hate you!" As opposed to stabbed so gently it was like, you're not half bad!

    2. so 6 faggot jews were stabbed and none were holohauxed?
      This says two things,
      (1) jews are pussies who don't know how to fight
      (2) they really must be the chosen ones, invincible faggot kikes who can withstand being stabbed,

    3. It could be argued that this bar of soap proves statement 1 and disproves statement 2.

    4. Agreeing with first anon. The new exciting insult gets attention for being not-quite-potty-mouth, for indicating the speaker is familiar with certain online degeneracies (and guess who produces THOSE for profit), and for avoiding the truth: these so-called conservatives are in fact serving their Jooish money/culture masters.

      This is white men's problem in a nut(ahem)shell. We engage circumlocuitously that which should be speared through the heart. We've handed our balls over, but not as cuckolds--more like bottoms (if we're going to get all fetish-chic about it, and I would hope not, given that porn fetish-chic is a very Jewish invention/industry). Bottoms afraid of being made fun of by the Jewish media masters.

    5. "and for avoiding the truth: so-called conservatives are in fact serving their Jooish money/culture masters."

      Hear, hear. A very good seconding of the label kosherservative. Perhaps we could shorten that to just koshervative?

  3. Regarding the "cuckservative" meme, with enough repetition, might it grow some wings and actually have some real effect on the political scene?

    I know, I know, wishful thinking and all that stuff.

    1. Stranger things have happened. All it takes is for White men to say "Fuck this shit." to leftism and the whole world would reel.