Monday, July 27, 2015

Colorism: Racism's Plan B


Racism cannot be defeated. Racism will defeat humanity. If the White Race wishes to surrender its birthright and suicide itself for the fantasy of universal human equality, Racism will happily accept that surrender and start over. White people arose from brown people. If it can happen once, it can happen again. How will this rebirth be accomplished? By racism-lite, otherwise known as colorism. Quoting:

[...] colorism--defined by writer Alice Walker in a 1982 essay as "prejudicial or preferential treatment of same-race people based solely on their color" --is a conundrum [...]

This dilemma long thought moot has generated new, provocative research: from the cataloguing of 140 labels that African-Americans use to distinguish gradations of skin color among themselves, to a recent study that found that the social and economic gap between light- and dark-skinned blacks is as great as the disparity in quality of life between whites and blacks in America as a whole.

For a hilarious take on colorism, peppered with putdowns recalled by darkie "females", see the video below.

So you see, gentle readers, even when the last Chalkie is thrown into a mass grave by the brown murdering hordes, said hordes will still be miserable, insecure, and pining for Racism to make them the next chosen people. Furthermore, the mixed-race offspring left behind by the genocided Chalkies will be held in higher esteem than the pure-bred darkies (contradiction in terms admittedly), simply because of colorism. Isn't that comforting? No? Do you prefer Whites not go extinct in the first place? Well ... LINK


  1. ITS the same with the fags, they are now allowed to adopt and marry, but its never enough,
    within 20 years they will be campaigning to lower the age of consent to 10
    mcdonalds happy meals will come with butt plugs

    1. I think society is going in that direction, but I predict cuckoldry sold as "open marriages" is the next big thing.

  2. 2:20 in: little girl says what all blacks know but deny. I guess she raciss!!

    8:00 in: Rachel Dolezal!

    Well let me just weep in sympathy for black pathos related to their low self-esteem. Oh, wait--no, I'm all out of sympathy.

    1. 2:20 It was the first time a black child scored 100% on a test.
      8:00 Funny thing is, that quadroon actually looks whiter than Dolezal.

      I keep forgetting that the emotion that video is supposed to engender is sadness. I'm too busy laughing.