Saturday, July 25, 2015

Beer Drops Keep Fallin' on Feather-Heads

Nearly No Consequences For Drunk Executives Who Poured Beer On Native American Children’s Heads

At the start of the year, a group of 57 Native Americans students from the Lakota tribe were taken to a minor league hockey match in Rapid City, South Dakota to celebrate their academic achievements. But what started as a field trip to reward the students quickly turned into a nightmare, when a group of drunk men in an executive suite dumped beer on their heads and yelled “go back to the Rez!” 

AA says: What a strange way to celebrate Native American academic achievements - going to a hockey game. I can tell you right now, had I been one of those little injuns, I would have stayed home in my teepee out of protest for such a stupid reward. Oh ... and OUTRAGE! about the beer and stuff, by the way.

Middle school teacher and head chaperone Consuelo Means alleges she overheard several men sitting in an executive suite above them asking eighth grade girls questions, and immediately asked the students to stop talking to the strangers because they were drunk. The men continued asking questions and when the home team scored, one banged on the wall and told the students to cheer louder because they were “from the Rez.” Means briefly looked for security for assistance, but when she returned to her seat, she felt something dripping on her head. Looking up, she saw the men dumping beer on three rows of students. [...]

After the incident, the Rapid City Police Department conducted an investigation and concluded three men were directly responsible. However, they only decided to charge one, Trace O’Connell, with disorderly conduct — a misdemeanor.

AA says: Classy. You know, I am willing to believe a bunch of White trash got drunk at a hockey game. Do you know why? Because that is what White trash does with its free time. It watches sports and drinks alcohol - both to excess. However, I am always interested in both sides of the story, so let's try getting more information.

Trace O'Connell trial begins

In opening statements, Rapid City Attorney Joel Landeen said a group of men from Philip made comments to children from American Horse School attending the January hockey game, such as, "Cheer louder, you're from the reservation," and said one even "held beer over a child's head and asked if she wanted a drink." Defense attorney Mike Butler said the evidence will NOT show a threat was made that night, he said a goal was scored, people were excited and beer was sprayed out of celebration.

AA says: Sprayed out of celebration? Why do these people have such strange celebratory practices?

Detective Elliot Harding testified that he interviewed Trace O'Connell days after the alleged incident. Harding said O'Connell told him he had spilled beer in the third period after the Rush scored a goal and threw his hand in the air and beer came out of the bottle. He said O'Connell had mentioned he was upset that the group from Allen didn't respect the flag during the National Anthem and didn't show respect during a cancer survivor presentation, but said he never heard any racial comments and wouldn't intentionally spill beer on children. [...]
Multiple children also took the stand ranging in age from 10 to 15. Each of them had said they heard racial comments from the men above them and felt droplets of beer spilled on them after a goal was scored. Judge Eric Strawn has already taken jail time off the table, so O'Connell is facing up to a $500 fine.

AA says: Ah, and there it is. Not poured beer ... droplets of beer. The cracker may have had a motive for pouring beer on the little feather-heads, but even they testify the quantity was droplets. Which makes "Middle school teacher and head chaperone Consuelo Means" a less-than-honest injun.
That does not mean I condone O'Connell's behavior. Personally, I think the world would be a better place if every publicly drunk sports fan was fined $500. Remember, gentle readers, our illustrious forefathers maintained the highest standards of decorum as they genocided their way across North America. Let their propriety be an example to us all.


  1. Children testifying at the urging of adults that other adults did bad things to them in line with the current orthodoxy of socio-religious heresy?

    Shades of the Satanic Ritual Abuse frenzy of some years back.

    1. An excellent observation.