Monday, July 13, 2015

Alert! As predicted, chains are now racist.

Just a few days ago, in a post about the fleur de lis now being considered racist, I predicted that chains would also be considered racist. I say it, and it happens - which apparently makes me the Matrix. Quoting:

AN EQUAL rights campaigner has blasted a flag designed by a 12-year-old girl as 'RACIST'.Patrick Vernon claims the Black Country flag - coloured red, white and black with a chain motif - is "offensive" because it unwittingly promotes the slave trade. His comments come on the eve of Black Country Day, which takes place tomorrow.

A little back story - The Black Country is an area of England that has a long history of heavy industry and coal mining. It is believed that the area got its name because of the pollution associated with both activities. The flag was designed by a 12-year-old British schoolgirl as part of a competition to find a flag representative of the region. Black for the soot, red for the glow of the furnaces, the white area is in the shape of a glass flask (a product of the region) and the chain represents naval chains (another product of the region, which supplied the chains for the Titanic).

But fuck all that because a nigger has decided that sheeiiiiiiit be racist. Again quoting:

"Shackles and manacles that were made by chainmakers in the Black Country were used to incarcerate slaves in North America, on plantations and in colonial Africa.

And they probably made sickles and hammers, so I suppose Vernon would object to seeing those on a flag. Fat chance. Continuing to quote:

Mr Vernon, who has been made an OBE [Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire], said: "It was not just the slaves who were oppressed by chainmaking, there was the women - the white slaves of Cradley Heath - and the working classes who were oppressed by the rich foundry owners. "The chain is a symbol of their oppression too."

Okay ... then why not simply object that chains are a symbol of oppression, why decry the flag as racist? Honestly, I could agree that chains are kind of a weird thing to put on a flag, and would not have been my first choice. According to this source, the Black Country had a virtual monopoly on chain making in the 19th century. The term "white slaves" was a socialist propaganda label applied to poorly paid chain makers, 2/3rds of whom were women. I suspect Vernon's histrionic concern for the oppressed White women of Cradley Heath was most likely a pathetic call for feminist allies in response to the blowback he was getting for his charge of racism.

Honestly, the politicians of the Black Country may as well just give in now. Once something is tainted with the label "racist", cowardly Chalkies will, sooner or later, surrender it to the MultiCult to be immolated on the shrine of Die-versity. Mark my words - that flag is coming down.

You may ask, A-drey-drey, what's it like being the prophet of Western Civilization's demise? It's not so great.


  1. What about black pudding?
    Black friday?
    White christmas?
    Pork faggots?

    1. Racist.
      Homophobic and anti-Islamic.

  2. Goddamn fucking everything in media is this constant search and destroy mission of butthurt. I used to love movies and tv but now I think about the progression of the Jew lie and ramming nigger shit up our collective asses harder and harder each year.
    The fucking Tonight Show is a mudman worship fest for fuck's sake. I found this site by googling my distaste for mudsharkery in Doctor Who.
    I'm mainly back to reading books now. It feels better.

    1. Welcome, Grillboy.

      I have not been to the movies in about 4 years. I simply refuse to fund the diseased Hollyweird cult.

      I grew up watching Dr. Who, but turned against it in the Sylvester McCoy years. That was the point at which I sensed the MultiCult creeping into, and poisoning, my favorite SciFi program. The modern incarnation is full-blown race-mixed, leftist propaganda.