Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A Negress in Heat Rolls Around in the Street

In the following video, an agitated sub-ape-ess roles around in the street and repeatedly implores the men watching her to "bring that dick over here". Note that a transcript of this video would be indistinguishable from a transcript of one of Obongo's phone calls to Reggie Love.
Undoubtedly, there will be those who say this "female" is on drugs. There may even be those who think she is possessed by one or more demonic spirits. I, on the other hand, surmise she has just suffered a terrible tragedy, and is simply reacting to it in the most logical manner a Negress may. What was this tragedy? I believe she must have accidentally left her welfare multipliers (chilluns) locked in a hot car, and just discovered they had all suffocated. Naturally, she seeks to impregnate herself as quickly as possible, to prevent the flow of government funding from being cut off. American wildlife is so fascinating, isn't it?


  1. obongo would be the receiver or the bottom as it were, reggie would be giver
    according to the folks at mans country obama prefers older white men
    world star hip hop , the nigger version of jewtube

    1. I suspect Obongo's type are muzzie fags.

      World Star is a showcase of the worst of sub-ape behavior. It performs a vital, cautionary service.