Monday, June 01, 2015

TSA Failure Rate is 95%

This evening, while watching Special Report on Fox News, Bret Baier covered a story about the TSA failing to catch smuggled weapons 95% of the time when tested for effectiveness of their security measures. George Will described what goes on with TSA screenings as theatre. Charles Krauthammer reinforced and expanded upon this idea, and went so far as to say that everyone knew it was politically correct theatre and ineffective. Then it dawned on me - if the vast majority of Western people are willing to lie to themselves and each other, and to submit themselves to such politically correct, heavy-handed foolishness merely for the sake of the convenience of air transport - what else are they willing to lie about and submit to in order to maintain the other conveniences that make their lives so comfortable? The obvious answer is race and anti-racism.

Western people are lying to themselves and each other when they say race does not exist, or that race is only skin deep, or that all people are equal. They are willing to submit to anti-racist diversity classes, black history monf, politically correct censorship, and holocaust worship, because they want to keep their jobs, keep their children in free public schools, and not face social ostracism by those afraid of what will happen to their jobs and their children should they associate with a non-conformist. Think about it - if you know that Bob has been denied boarding for refusing to take his shoes off before his last flight, what are the chances you want him as a travelling companion on this flight?

Perhaps it is not news to you that the masses of normal people are selfish liars and cowards, but for some reason I still wind up falling for their nonsense that they are the good guys and we are the bad guys. And all it took was a candid admission from a kike (Charles Krauthammer) to remind me that it is they who are the selfish liars and they who are the conformist cowards. The TSA doesn't make us safer anymore than diversity makes us stronger - they all know it, but won't admit it.


  1. "I still wind up falling for their nonsense that they are the good guys and we are the bad guys."

    I didn't understand what you meant by this.

    1. I apologize for the confusion. Perhaps I can clarify...

      The masses of normal people present themselves as on the side of truth and justice. They look down upon the racially aware as monsters who propagate the lie of race and unjustly discriminate on the basis of that lie. I often simply give in to the idea that racially aware people are the evil ones, and therefore I am evil and therefore I am wrong.

      However, every once in a while I am reminded that it is the normals who live in a world of lies, and that they are willing to lie even to serve a cause they do not believe in, just to make their lives easier and more comfortable. Example: The TSA is keeping us safe by frisking White toddlers and grandmas - so submit, because I want my flight to the Bahamas to leave on time.

      To me, that makes them the bad guys.

    2. Yes, that's quite a paradigm shift. We mustn't forget: it is noble to hate lies and oppose them. The feeling that we are the immoral subversives is a vestige of the brainwashing-socialization that we now resist. As for the brainwashed, I waffle back and forth between seeing them first as victims and then as foot-soldiers in the evil system of lies. Like the magic negro Morpheus explains to Neo in The Matrix, those still plugged into the matrix, although its slaves, will actively defend it and are to be viewed as hostiles. For me it is your unique manner of critiquing the lies that, although it seems necessary, is scandalous and something of a guilty pleasure.

    3. Very nicely put! I thank you for your thoughtful response. It is easy for me to spot absurdities and lies in individual new stories - to strike at the daily resurrections of the hydra's heads. But I sometimes forget there is a beast that spawns these monsters. To think that so many could willingly serve something so evil is difficult to understand. It is easier, and lazier, to just accept being the bad guy.

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