Sunday, June 14, 2015

Town with Population of 1 is 14% Black

Can you guess the only resident of such a town? Quoting, with sadness...

A group of white supremacists is once again eyeing a small North Dakota town as the potential location for a community of their own.

In an email sent to the Herald, Craig Cobb, who attempted to turn Leith, N.D., into an all-white enclave, included a number of links regarding plans for the small town of Antler, N.D., located in Bottineau County two miles from the Canadian border. [...]

Cobb says he hopes to crowdsource the project, raising about $70,000 to purchase property in the first of likely multiple campaigns.

Is Craig Cobb ever going to get the message that the media is not his friend, and that there is such a thing as bad publicity? After being internationally declared a 14% black "White Supremacist" on the Trisha Goddard Show in 2013, and then being imprisoned for strutting around Leith with a rifle shortly after, you would think this message would start sinking in - but no.

This can only end badly. Anyone who sinks any money into this scheme will lose said money. Anyone who sinks any time into it will reap nothing but disappointment. At best it will fizzle out, and at worst it will end with people going to prison as before. The only winners are the anti-racists, who will once again point and laugh at White Whateverist failures. Why do I think this? The better question is how can one not think this?

Please, Craig Cobb, I am begging you - please stop doing this. You are not the chosen one. You will not lead your people from captivity. It's not because you are racially impure. I know you've had another test that refuted the 14%, but your declaration you are White was already sufficient. No, the reason you are not the one is because your decision making skills result in public humiliation and jail time. No one in their right mind will follow you to a Dairy Queen, let alone to a mythical Little Europe flowing with milk and honey. Just stop it. You're 63-years-old. Let younger White men take the lead and offer them your support (I recommend not offering them advice, well, because ... everything).


  1. This may have worked 50 yrs ago, but in the age of obongos and Bruce Jenners its a waste of money and the lawyer kikes will make it illegal,whites need a young smart leader like robert ransdell not some old hillbilly ,I do believe corn cob is 100% white ,Goddard is a british sheboon

    1. I am certainly willing to give Craig Cobb the benefit of the doubt when it comes to his racial heritage - the link to my post about the sheboon Goddard's story proves that. However, I cannot give his enormously poor judgment a pass. Just going on the Goddard show in the first place was an outrageous miscalculation. And strutting around the street with a rifle propped on his hip adds credence to the accusation of hillbilly-ness.

      Again, he could be much more valuable simply supporting the next generation of White Whateverists from behind the scenes.

  2. Craig Cobb is a true hWyte Hero.

    His lack of media coverage and his savvy political machinations attests to this.

    You can trust me, I'm a Jew.

  3. I got on the site today surprised to see you hadn't written something about the NAACP chapter president who faked being black for years. Apparently this is sparking a "trans-black" movement.