Sunday, June 21, 2015

Sympathy for the White Devils

I admit I am over-fascinated by the Charleston Shooting story. Four days in a row on one topic? That is unprecedented in CDN history. But, out of consideration of my more sensitive readers, today I shall not speak directly of that dreaded 3-named assassin of darkies, He Who Shall Not Be Named Without A Trigger Warning (HWSNBNWATW). But, at this point, it is not the shooter himself or the particulars of the shooting that I find especially interesting (sorry shooter, sorry 9 dead darkies), it is the White Whateverist reaction to the story that fascinates me. As detailed in yesterday's open letter, the 4 most prominent trends in reaction to the shooting are:

1) Conspiracy: This isn't real, He isn't real, the government did this, its a psy-op.
2) Distancing: This is real, but He isn't a real White Whateverist because what he did is an immoral outrage that hurt our movement.
3) Redirection: Sure it was immoral, but why doesn't the media care about the immoral things that black people do to white people?
4) Understanding: The world is an immoral place and our people are being destroyed, why wouldn't He have snapped in the face of such hopelessness?

It wasn't until just this morning that it occurred to me these 4 reactions synch up well with the DABDA Stages of Grief:

1) Denial: This isn't real.
2) Anger: That bowl-cut retard hurt our movement!
3) Bargaining: Yeah it's bad, but what about the Whities who get hurt?
4) Depression: Everything sucks so bad, he was bound to go nuts.

But where is #5, Acceptance? Quoting the Stages of Grief link above:

In this last stage, individuals embrace mortality or inevitable future, or that of a loved one, or other tragic event. People dying may precede the survivors in this state, which typically comes with a calm, retrospective view for the individual, and a stable condition of emotions.

Unlike what we see in the theory of the Stages of Grief, I don't believe White Whateverists move through these stages sequentially, and they may not move through them at all. I would like to think I am at Stage 5, but probably I am still at Stage 4. I certainly never experienced the first stage. Most likely, we may experience a couple of stages before settling on one, but in this fast paced world of snap judgment and the desire to remain consistent with one's twittering history,  most White Whateverists have probably already settled on one narrative, and will stay there in perpetuity. What concerns me is that those who stay at stage 1 or stage 2 seem the least tolerant of dissenting opinions within our own community. It's a shame. Where else do we have to express our double-plus-bad crimethink of White Whateverism, but within our internet community?

I have two examples. One was from a commenter here last night ...

Another retard that doesn't get that the "JUUZ" are behind this NON EVENT. I like your comedy but good god in heaven...y is it so hard for you fucking people to understand that this is all bullshit nonsense?

I can't speak for other "fucking people" in this regard, but it is hard for me to understand "this is all bullshit" because I am not a conspiracist. This is not to condemn those who engage in conspiracy theory, but to admit my own limitations. I have trouble enough understanding the irrationality of human beings that I cannot justify adding a third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and so on layer of complexity to their motivations or the reality (or matrix if you prefer) that we share. Further, when I make a claim to understand the nature of human beings, I feel a need to back up my claims with proof. Simply declaring someone a retard because they cannot see what is self-evident to you was best covered by the fable of the Emperor's New Clothes. I encounter this every day from the anti-White MultiCult zombies who declare people who hold my views "ignorant" for not believing in the equality of races, which is to them self-evident.

Another example was from a post last night on Alternative Right. Colin Liddell has decided to join the Stage 1 community after seeing a video of a black friend of He Who Shall Not Be Named Without A Trigger Warning . Said black friend declared HWSNBNWATW was not a racist because HWSNBNWATW had him (a black person) as a friend. I found this to be deliciously ironic (Thank you Dark and Terrible God of ironY {DATGOY}!) because what White American accused of something racist doesn't counter with, "I can't be racist, I have a black friend!"? I mean, its actually a tv trope for Jebus's sake! I found it freaking hilarious and I said so in the comments field. See the pic below .

Notice that the moderator himself chose to ignore the humor and launch into a philosophic treatise on ... well something ... I was too busy giggling about his repeated references to the words " evil essence". It put me in mind of this clip from Dr. Strangelove, which I linked in my response (as can be seen at the bottom of the pic above):

And his response to the clip? He deleted it. HA! Touched a nerve there I guess. I took the pic because I wanted to post today about humorlessness in White Whateverism, but deleting the video was just too hilarious a response not to change my topic to the ways in which we White Whateverists continue to react to the Charleston Shooting story, and to each other's differences of opinion on the matter.

Certainly, I hope that as many White Whateverists as possible will move into the Stage 5 camp - but I won't condemn you or censor you on the topic just because you disagree with me. Together, let's make Compulsory Diversity News a free speech zone for White Whateverists (and White Whateverists only). Comments will continue to be moderated to filter out leftist cunts screaming "Fuck you, racist!" several times per post, but otherwise, I hope every gentle reader will continue to feel free to stop by and chat with A-drey-drey, and receive the gifts of his evil essence.


  1. Spot on, A-drey-drey. If there is one good thing that came out of all this it is that we are seeing the WN so-called leadership's true colours.

    The ramz'racewar'paul machine has a pretty good take on it in his video about the manifesto.

    Keep up the good work.

    1. Thank you! I have enjoyed all of RAMZPAUL's recent videos on the Charleston shooting.

  2. You can't please the David icke fanboys
    Also the media isn't making such a big deal about this,compared to Ferguson or even that jenner freak, the jews are comparing him to anders Brevik,the same BreVik who has been called a jew and a psyOp by white whateverists

    1. I was mightily confused by Anders Breivik. At first I was shocked at the boldness and success of such an attack, even more so because it happened in Scandinavia. But when he stood up in court and did a black power salute, I thought "What the?". Then the media started describing it as a "right-wing salute" or "nazi-salute" and I thought "For fucks sake the double-think of the media is absolutely sickening. How in the world can the same gesture mean black power (double-plus-good) and white power (double-plus-bad)?" Thanks a lot, Anders. Couldn't you have made the sign of a cross or something for your templar knights?

    2. Oops. Forgot one more thing. I have begun training flies to circle the heads of our reptilian overlords. I figure that one of the reptiloids is bound to flick out his lizard tongue to catch the fly and we will be able to snap a picture to prove David Icke is a prophet of common sense.