Monday, June 15, 2015

Strategy and Tactics in White Whateverism

 In the comment section of yesterday's post about Craig Cobb, a commenter posted:

I got on the site today surprised to see you hadn't written something about the NAACP chapter president who faked being black for years. Apparently this is sparking a "trans-black" movement.

I'm sorry to have disappointed. It's not that Rachel Dolezal's story is not both interesting and hilarious, nor is it that I hadn't heard it. However, discussing it does not make tactical sense to me. I can hear it now, "A-drey-drey has tactics!?!". I know it's a shock, but yes, I do. I try to look out for the White Whateverist struggle, and do what I think will help it. In this case, I don't think White Whateverists should touch this story with a 14, or even 88 foot pole.

You see, I hate snakes. When a snake starts to eat its tail, I stand back and let it. This is because if it becomes aware of you before it has reached the point of no return, it may let go of its tail and bite you instead. Let the leftists eat their tails. White Whateverists should let them have this one all to themselves and choke on it. Nothing we can say will make this worse for them than it already is, and inserting ourselves into the story will only give them a way to divert attention from their own crisis.

You may also have noticed I haven't devoted a post to the McKinney pool party incident either. This is because the police officer involved is going to have a hard enough time already without White Whateverists trying to hitch their wagons to him. So burdened, and desperate to save himself, he may make some outrageous condemnation of the White Whateverists who support him, just to kiss up to his persecutors and get in their good graces. Then where we would be? Leave this one alone too. It is a struggle between the leftists and the establishment conservatives. Inserting ourselves into the debate will give ammunition to the the leftists as they smear the right-wing as being in bed with wicked White raaaacists. Think about it. If we sit down on their side of the table, the conservatives will scoot their chairs further down to the left, just to get away from us. Leave them alone at the table with the leftist, and they will naturally move farther away to the right to get away from their leftist enemies.

Sometimes I think that the reason establishment White Whateverism exists is to serve as a leftist weapon. I define establishment White Whateverism as the most popular names in the struggle, who inexplicably pay their server bills without need of gainful employment. Need some guilt by association to smear an opponent's position? Just call up Mr. White Whateverist to endorse said opponent. Need a boogeyman to draw attention away from the latest Muslim rape gangs atrocity? Just call up Mr. White Whateverist to start injecting himself into the story and suddenly it becomes racist not to support Muslim rape gangs. Need to prove that anti-semitism is increasing? Just call up Mr. White Whateverist and ask him to start an internet harassment campaign on a high profile Jewish target.

Sometimes, I wish more White Whateverists would listen to me and take my advice. It is not a wish I often entertain, because it is such an impossibility. Therefore, why even waste time on the notion? It just seems that this struggle lacks a coherent strategy, and that its tactics seem to deliberately favor opposition victory.


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