Friday, June 05, 2015

Rat-Faced Hollywood Kikes

As we all know, Judaism is just a religion, and certainly not the result a thousands of years of inbreeding among demonic, rat-faced kikes. To assert otherwise is to be a kooky conspiracist. And you can't spell conspiracist without R-A-C-I-S-T. Hell, how can anyone even tell who's a Jew? You can't of course. Just look at these random Hollywood celebrities and try to tell me which one is a Jew. It can't be done.


  1. i hate to bring up that jenner freak, again but how many dollars do you want to bet the Hollywood kikes will be bringing out a film to celebrate his "transition"

    its no secret that the kikes control Hollywood, they openly brag about it

    1. Please feel free to bring up any topic you want to discuss. Here is a link to the new tv show being made for that faggot:

      Executive Producers:
      Gil Goldschein
      Jeff Jenkins
      Farnaz Farjam
      Andrea Metz

      I suspect this list includes 2 kikes, a muzzie and a faggot.