Saturday, June 27, 2015

Murikwa 2015: The Rainbow House from Hell

Do you ever stop to think just how absurd this is ...

... Murikwa, 2015. How can this be real? If you had read a novel in 1995 that depicted a black president with the Muslim name Barack Obama lighting the White House in the colors of the gay pride flag on the day the Supreme Court ruled in favor of gay marriage - you would think it risible. If the same novel predicted that within the weeks prior, Olympian Bruce Jenner had come out as a transgender woman, and a church shooting would prompt the Sikh governor-ess of South Carolina to call for the removal of the Confederate battle flag from statehouse grounds, you would think you were reading the ravings of a madman. But, if I told you all this would be made possible by half the White population betraying their race, and the other half of the White population not wanting to object for fear of being labelled racist/sexist/homophobic, you would think it the most logical thing you have ever heard.

It's one thing to be destroyed or subjugated by an outside enemy. But to have your own people destroy themselves or stand around watching apathetically, what fresh Hell is this? And there it is - back to my concept that you and I are in Hell together. I'm sorry I ever supported the causes of the political right. It's not because the right has lost every battle its fought within my lifetime. It's not because everything I have ever believed in has been systematically destroyed over the course of said lifetime. It is because, apparently, I must have done something so vile and horrific in my past life that my afterlife is to be consigned to this Hell where the beliefs of the right, beliefs that triumphed for thousands of years of human history and brought Western Civilization near total mastery of the world, have been completely undone before my eyes. If I had held no strong beliefs, undoubtedly I would have been sent to a different Hell where the punishment had nothing to do with the death of the West.

I know, I know - THE JOOZ!!! No, I refuse to put this on the Jews. If your spouse is a drunk, don't blame the bartender. If you think the only way to save the drunks is to kill all bartenders, you are insane. I have a visceral hatred of kikes whenever I look into their beady-eyed, rat faces. I have a visceral hatred of niggers when their foul stench hits me from a block away. That is my natural, healthy immune system working to keep me a safe distance from kikery and niggery. But there is something wrong with White people, something inherently, unalterably wrong, that these natural defenses, active in White people for thousands of years, have been shut off. The don't just tolerate these untermenschen, they love them like a lush loves his liquor. You just have to look at the weeping Whities gathered in Charleston to figure that out.

It's not just the enemy Whites who are defective. Even those who still ostensibly have enough of an immune response to defend Western Civilization, our White Whateverist leaders, took time from their daily beg-a-thons and calls to abandon our homes, to condemn a young White man who had enough of being pushed around, then snapped, and pushed back. Oh, they were overflowing with compassion for his innocent nigger victims, but they had none for him. Even if he is nothing but a hologram sent by the great reptiloid Queen of Zion to destroy the stars and bars, you would think they could at least understand why a young White person might snap in this modern age, and feel guilt that their movements were so ineffective that this boy felt he had to take matters into his own hands. Hell, what we should be unable to understand is why it doesn't happen a dozen times a day!

But no, our leaders needed to get in front of the story and make their condemnations heard. Only, no one in the Jooz media heard them, did they? The media merely continued linking the shooter to White supremacy and casually ignored the keyboard warriors who raised the white flag and begged not to lose their webpages and their fanboys. Do you want to blame this shameful behavior on the Jooz? The Jooz made our White leaders rush to be the first to surrender? Again, you would think that such behavior would be derided as impossibly far-fetched, but when you consider it is coming from modern White people, it becomes all too easy to comprehend.

It's just another day in Hell, gentle readers, where we toil beneath the shadow of the Big Rainbow plantation house. 


  1. If you thought obummer had a fag agenda wait till you see what that dyke hillary does,
    I know he is a jew lover but Donald trump makes alot of sense