Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Maybe it's Race War, Maybe it's Maybelline

A white woman in Texarkana used social media to claim she was beaten by three "African Americans" while passing through a Walmart parking lot. However, the pics she posted of her injuries are ... let's just say ... doubted. Take a look:
The posts in question were published by a woman who identified herself as Ashley Casey Martin, but as they’ve since been deleted, the precise date or time of the posts is no longer available. Her initial post to Facebook (pictured above) included two photographs of what appeared to be makeup-blackened eyes and similarly fabricated blood around her nose [...]

On 22 June 2015, a Texarkana PD representative explained [...]

I was just informed by my social media manager that he was contacted by a friend of the original poster. We were informed that she is emotionally disturbed and that they are attempting to get her the assistance that she needs. We have removed the post to avoid contributing to her difficult struggle.
What?!? Don't give up now, the comedy is just starting! You wussies. I can't believe you are just going to accept that she is "disturbed" and move on. At least ask why she chose black men in particular. Come on, bait that race!

Oh, well. Personally, I think this is just politically incorrect attention whoring. It's doubtful she is racially aware. She just sees the daily nigger atrocities on the nightly news and decides she wants in on that action sans the actual niggering. However, if she would like to join the White Whateverist community, I would not turn her away. "Watchu talkin' 'bout, A-drey-drey?" Come now, the movement is filled with parade clowns of all sorts. What's one more?

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