Wednesday, June 24, 2015

How many black friends do you have?

One of the details of Dylann Roof's story that causes consternation among the conspiracy theory minded is that Dylann had a close black friend who says Dylann is not racist. I discussed the issue in this blog post. I will not debate the particulars of whether or not this proves the psy-op theory, but I would like to make a larger point about the idea of attempting to divine racism by means of the number of one's black friends.

The question itself is a classic leftist catch-22. There is, in fact, no correct answer. Just being asked the question is meant to point out you are a racist. It works kind of on the level of asking "Have you stopped beating your wife?".

Saying no is a tacit admission you are a racist, which is rapidly becoming the worst thing one can possibly be (with the exception of child molester ... but stay tuned as this society is rapidly decaying).

If you say "I can't be racist, I have a black friend / black friends!" you appear defensive, and at some point you will be lectured that having black friends doesn't prove you aren't a racist.

 If you say "I'm not answering that loaded question." you appear evasive, which is worse than saying no because it makes for better television.

I decided to broach this topic today because of this story about Kyle Rogers of the Council of Conservative Citizens. Quoting the article:

A white nationalist blogger cited as an inspiration by the Charleston terror gunman denied he was racist and blamed the media for fueling racial tensions. “I am not a racist — racist is a slander term,” said Kyle Rogers, who catalogs black-on-white crime for the Council of Conservative Citizens website.

 “I have never said it is wrong with black people being in this country,” he said. “The problem I have is the way the media tries to antagonize racial tensions between black and whites against each other.”

He claimed CCC had a few black members, but he could not name any black friends and instead identified a couple of black musicians whose work he enjoyed. “I like some black guitarists like Saul Hudson (Slash) of Guns ‘N’ Roses and B.B. King,” Rogers said. “There is another one but I can’t remember his name.”

 UUUUUGGGGGHHHHH. That is painful to read. Not only did Rogers fall into the trap, he then rolled around wildly on the sharp spikes at the bottom of the pit, squealing like a stuck pig. Why don't you tell him how much you enjoyed Benson, or that Phylicia Rashad is attractive for a black woman?

I would now like to suggest a new response to the question, "How many black friends do you have?", courtesy of Dylann Roof.

When asked how many black friends do you have, please reply - "How many black friends did Dylann Roof have?". DATGOY willing, the irony will do its work. But be prepared to explain in your best condescending voice that having black friends doesn't prove one is not a racist, thus turning the tables on your inquisitor. Or you could continue the banter with another follow-up quip such as, "How many White Nationalist friends do you have, Mr. Leftist?"


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  2. Whitey's got nowhere left to go. Can't go back to Europe - it is getting crammed full of darkies faster than a Kardashian sister on a Saturday night.

  3. That's a Klassic Kardashian Kwip!

    1. Some may be interested in this article at Counter-Currents, where Greg Johnson announces he is ready to welcome Armenians into White Nationalism. The KKKardashians will be thrilled no doubt.