Thursday, June 18, 2015

Dylann Roof is on Fire

I made this video in memory of Dylann Roof's victims in the Emmanuel African Methodist Church shooting in Charleston, South Carolina.


  1. Notice how similar he looks to Adam lanza
    Is it a conspiracy?
    The bowl cut was what drove him to murder those "teens"
    Is the gun okay?

    1. Ha! The bowl cut made him do it. That was my theory about Bruce Jenner.

  2. SSome backstory on the AME Church network

    You won’t find a single Black Lives Matter activist, supporter, proponent, or social justice warrior that will call black on white crime, “hate crimes”; even when the motive of the perpetrator is entirely racially defined.

    Within the grievance community: Violence they like is speech, speech they don’t like is violence.

    The same applies to behaviors within riots, looting, chaos and anarchy. Burn a city, or target only non-black businesses for torching, and it’s an expression of social justice speech. Arrest the criminal arsonist and you are oppressing the community.

    The same AME church network being heralded in South Carolina, is the same AME church network which supports and promotes the Nation of Islam and New Black Panther Party. It is not guilt by association, it is guilt “of” association.

    When School Teachers take public school kids to hear Louis Farakahaan tell them that all white people must be killed, you don’t see AME leadership stopping him. Quite the contrary, they are driving the school buses to the speech.

    When the New Black Panther Party screams that all whites must be exterminated, or when the Nation of Islam demands that all white people be wiped off the face of the earth, you don’t see AME leadership distancing themselves. Quite the contrary, together they rally, march and give speeches on the same platform.

    1. That was very well said.

      Especially this: "Within the grievance community: Violence they like is speech, speech they don’t like is violence."

      Thank you for your comment!