Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Brittany Sonnier: Woman of the Future

This is going to get strange really quick, prepare yourself. Quoting...

A young mother was arrested after confessing to having sex with a minor and supplying him with drugs. Police arrested Brittany Sonnier, 23, of Holly Hill, Florida after the 15-year-old boy, who lived next door, told his parents about the relationship. The boy told them after becoming concerned he may have contracted a venereal disease when he learned Sonnier had been accused of having ‘vaginal and oral sex with two canines’ in 2012.

What did I tell you? First it was the dogs, now she touchin' the chilluns! It's funny, she kind of looks like some Disney villainess who would be up to no good:

Sonnier wants 101 Dalmatians - to have sex with.

Now, the reason I chose this topic is because I believe Brittany Sonnier is approximately 15 to 30 years ahead of her time. That is to say, by 2030 or 2045, I think she would not face criminal charges for sexual antics with either underage boys or consenting canines. If this is true, it means that within her lifetime, her actions will go from criminal to socially acceptable. Further, someone else has already worked out why this transformation will occur. Allow me to quote this article: Is it now OK to have sex with animals?

[...] the liberal philosopher Martha Nussbaum has argued, the "ick factor" just isn't a reliable basis on which to make moral evaluations. And we know that from lived experience. Interracial romances once seemed icky, but then they didn't. Next it was homosexual acts that passed through the looking glass from repellant to respectable. Faced with this slippage and uncertainty — with a long string of reversals in moral judgment — it's no wonder that the ethic of unconditional niceness increasingly trumps all other considerations.

Roughly 2,500 years since Socrates first raised the question of how we should live, several centuries since the Enlightenment encouraged us to seek and promulgate scientific knowledge about the universe and human nature, Western humanity seems to have come to the conclusion that we haven't got a clue about an answer. There is no consensus whatsoever about what ways of life are intrinsically good or bad for human beings.

Get married and have kids? If that's what you want, sounds good. Live in a polyamorous arrangement? As long as everyone consents, have fun. What about my intense desire to copulate with a horse? Just make sure no one gets hurt — with hurt defined in the narrowest of terms (covering physical harm and the violation of personal preferences).

That's all we've got. Or at least all we're left with, now that we've shed the (ostensibly) discredited notions of human virtue that most people once affirmed.

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