Monday, June 08, 2015

Beaten at 18 Days with an Ugly Stick

Please, look at this advert:

Now, if you're like me, you read this as "Dad's Princess - beat at 18 days." That's because I would not think it necessary to turn hashtags and hearts into words anymore than I would have assumed the word "crown" was meant to be inserted between the two s's in "Princess". In my dying world, people still try to speak in complete sentences. Taking the words at face value, it looks like some nigger beat this moonpie-faced niglet when she was 18 days old. I find this completely plausible.

But no - what this advert is trying to say is "#heartbeat at 18 days", which is a Pro-Life message. And this particular message went up in Atlanta, which apparently has lots of darkies. Furthermore, some of those darkies took offense to this message. Quoting:

Protesters in Atlanta called for the removal of a new ad campaign in their neighborhood last week, which they are calling racist.

The ad in question, sponsored by Minnesota based ProLife Across America, reads “Dad’s Princess,” next to the picture of a black baby girl. Nikema Williams, of Planned Parenthood, told local WXIA that the ads were just an attempt by the pro life organization to shame women and their choices.

Nikema - HA! What a great nigger-name. Just do her.

Well, Nikema, had they truly wished to shame black people in Atlanta, they could have put up billboards of the gaggle of nigger teachers convicted of racketeering in the Atlanta Public Schools cheating trial. Please don't take from this that I support the efforts of these (no doubt White) do-gooders, who are trying to prevent your ilk from aborting their progeny. I just find it funny that people who want to prevent the abortion of black children are considered just as racist as those of us who want blacks to abort their children. Oh, DATGOY (Dark And Terrible God Of ironY).


  1. You cant make this stuff up folks…

    I thought I recognised the name, Nikema, and yes; it's Tarzan's monkey side-kick (thank-you cheesy '80s cartoons). According to Jewipedia it means 'monkey' in the Mbugu language, a regional corruption of Swahili.


    1. That is too freakin' good! Thank you for the laugh! Gotta watch out for that bushmeat (((snigger))).

  2. So its racist if it has a nigger and even more racist if there is no nigger? Ship these apes back to africa on a leaky ship, im laughing at all the fag sjws crying about the niggers drowning on route to jewroupe,they are coming for muh dik and free money

    1. Nah ... I don't think American Negroes will fall for that "free boat ride" trick twice.