Sunday, June 07, 2015

A Patch of Zoo

My title today refers to this bit of leftist propaganda: A Patch of Blue

As we all know, race is only skin deep, and since race is nothing but a color thing, if we poke out everyone's eyes, we will end racism once and for all! Anti-racists rejoice, and get your eye pokers ready!

Then again, maybe we should reconsider: Blind People Can Still Identify Race (And Be Racist)

The article I linked directly above makes some pretty tortured arguments that blind people can be taught racial differences and therefore race doesn't really exist because it has to be taught (the same argument for why calculus doesn't exist, right?). However, it does make a candid admission that I found amusing, and that inspired today's post. I hope you will enjoy it:

Just like the average American, blind people are raised with beliefs about race—many of which are divisive. One blind man told [a researcher] that his father taught him to identify black people by smell. (In fact, the idea that black people smelled badly featured in many of the responses in [the researcher's] paper.) 
I'm sure the anti-racists have a solution for that too:


  1. In order to not be racist you have to be blind ,deaf and have no sense of smell

    It is 100% natural to want your own race to be the best and to keep your race 100 pure

    the liberal fags are just jealous as they and their pet apes have no real culture or heritage

    Their heroes are the likes of elton john and will smith

  2. Yes, it does seem you have to be a queen today in order to be knighted.