Monday, May 18, 2015

Welven Da Great: The Pinnacle of Negro Evolution

As you know, Sub-Saharan Africans evolved by natural selection to survive in their forsaken jungle hell. Intelligence, restraint, and foresight were discarded by nature to favor more bestial characteristics such as ignorant aggression, sexual deviance, and impulsivity.

African Americans, in turn, evolved by artificial selection to survive the plantation system of the New World, where fear coupled ignorant aggression with brooding resentment, repression coupled sexual deviance with miscegenation-obsession, and lack of responsibility coupled impulsivity with dependence. In other words, everything that was wrong with the African doubled when it was exposed to slavery.

So then, what will become of African Americans, given modern day evolutionary pressures? It is my assertion that I have been given a glimpse of the pinnacle of Negro evolution in the person of Welven Da Great - a Negro internet celebrity best known for his iconic catchphrase "Deez Nuts". Given the dysgenic effects of modern social welfare systems and leftist domination of schools, media, and politics, I predict that by the end of the century, the majority of African Americans will have reached the next stage of evolution and become Welvens.

Apes --> Sub-Saharan African (Negroes) --> African American (Niggers) --> Welvens (Niggas)

Behold Devolution!


  1. will obongo invite welven da nigger to the white house? He invited glozell , a nasty sheboon who is famous on jewtube ,if obama had a son he would be named welven

    1. I am sure Obongo, Reggie Love, and Welven came arrange some downlow time together in the Lincoln bedroom.

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