Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Color of Zombie

Quite some time ago, I shared this Family Feud clip of a White woman telling Steve Harvey what she knew about zombies ...

Today, we have this story about zombies...


RALEIGH, N.C. -- A family in north Raleigh painted a picture of a man on a dartboard to use for target practice, but its bringing cries of racism. It was an ABC11 Eyewitness viewer on Facebook that first brought the dartboard to our attention. [...]

STOP: Goddamn reporters have gotten so lazy. Facebook complaints are the primary source of their news stories?

"To have it facing the street, so people can see it, there's a reason why you're doing it," said neighbor Demetrius Harden.

STOP: Which is what? Why don't reporters ask follow-up questions anymore?

When ABC11's Joel Brown went looking for answers, he found 20-year-old Katie Fister. She said she helped paint the target board, because her family is into knife throwing and darts. Fister said the charges of racism couldn't be further from the truth. "We painted a zombie on it because we thought that would be fun," Fister explained. [...]

Driving up Fox Road, the dartboard is hard to miss. It was built in the family's backyard, but it's plainly visible from the road. Some said the tattered clothes on the man make him appear to be a slave. Harden had seen it and found it offensive.

STOP: "some said". Hmm, would that "some" be Demetrius Harden? Freakin' media weasel words. Let's look at a picture of some slaves and compare it to the zombie dart board ...

... I don't see much of a resemblance. Oh, wait! Now I get it, Demetrius. You mean to say the dartboard zombie's tattered clothes make it look like a stereotypical cartoon image of a downtrodden Black slave from some abolitionist pamphlet made in the U.S.A., circa 1850 - because only black people were ever enslaved - and only America has ever enslaved anyone - and by America you  mean only White Christian people have ever practiced slavery - and therefore all white people must be perpetually guilt-ridden for the crimes of a few - because you are eternally oppressed by White evil - and no one could have it as hard as you do, not even the drug-addicted, child sex-slaves of Thailand, right Demetrius?

"It look racist. It looks like racism. It looks like racism," Harden said.

Yes, Demetrius. Your harassment of your neighbor via the local media does look like racism. Well done.


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