Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Purvi Patel - A Miscarriage of Justice?

The Left loves ethnic and female firsts, example: Charlotte E. Ray - the first African American woman to become a lawyer.

But here's one that has gotten next to no Leftist accolades for some strange reason: Purvi Patel - the first woman ever to be convicted of feticide in the United States, and she's a dothead! Quoting ...

Purvi Patel was found guilty last month after prosecutors argued the 33-year-old took drugs from China to end her pregnancy in 2013, and then dumped the baby’s body in a trash can. Her attorneys said she miscarried and threw the fetus away in a panic.

Personally, I think we should send her a fruit basket for not bringing one more reeking dothead into the world, but alas - Merikwans don't think that way. Though the left won't be so easily cast aside, like some Prom Night Dumpster Baby. They are preparing to strike back with a counter-narrative:

[...] Patel was then found guilty of these crimes despite the fact that no abortion causing drugs were found in either her system or in that of the fetus.

The facts of this case remain inscrutable. Only Patel will ever know whether the baby was born alive or stillborn. However in the face of ambiguity, the state of Indiana responded unambiguously: 20 years in jail.

The only undisputed facts are these: Patel had an affair with a married co-worker. She got pregnant. She went into labor prematurely and hid the body of the fetus. These few facts reveal Patel's case as that of a woman victimized by both her cultural heritage and by the laws of her adopted homeland.

Wait - are you saying the buying abortifacient drugs from China part is disputed - because you did not list that as an undisputed fact and yet it is.The Huffington Post propaganda piece claim that "no abortion causing drugs were found in her system" is a complete distortion of the truth. Quoting:

Dr. Prentice Jones, Jr., of the South Bend Medical Foundation, testified on Thursday, Jan. 29, that he couldn’t find any accepted method to test blood for the particular drugs Patel allegedly used [...]

Did you see how the lying, weaselly Left works? They couldn't test for the drugs becomes the drugs were not found in her system, which implies they were capable of detecting them in the first place. This is another example of why it is pointless to debate the Left. Lying is completely acceptable to them as long as it furthers their ideology. In this case, their ideology is that throwing one's dead baby into the dumpster is a practice perfectly in keeping with the Leftist world view.



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    1. I thought you were kidding me, but you're right. The conductor was a faggot-activist and attention whore. So the question is, did he do this just for 15 minutes of fame, or also the fringe benefit of butt-fuckery in the U.S. prison system?