Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Philly Spics Beat White Man and his 2 Daughters

In Amerikwa, the ethnic cleansing continues... Quoting...

A Philadelphia family at the center of violent disagreement on Memorial Day which left one man unconscious and two of his daughters seeking medical attention claim they were victimized because they are the only white family in a predominantly Hispanic neightborhood.[sic]

Paul Whitaker, 36, and his three children were visiting his 64-year-old mother, his sister and her family for a cookout at their home in the Juniata area of the city when the violence erupted.

Whitaker told NBC10 that he stepped in to break up the fight and a man with brass knuckles began to beat him. [...] Whitaker's daughters, ages 12 and 14, tried to protect him but caught blows to the head from several girls and women.

Also present was Whitaker's ex-wife Patricia, the mother of his three children. She told NBC that the man who had hit her ex-husband then 'proceeded to turn around to my 14-year-old daughter and beat her in the back of the head.' A witness called 911 and the crowd finally dispersed.

Now here's the funny thing. If you head over to the ex-wife's Facebook page, she has posted this:


Maybe that's the problem, Patricia. If you were a racist, you would know that White people are being displaced in their own homelands and colonial nations. If you were a racist, you would know that the pack mentality predominates among the lesser races, and that non-Whites will attack and drive out Whites once the non-Whites have the numbers to do so. If you were a racist, you wouldn't want your children hanging around in a non-White neighborhood because you would know that they are in terrible danger of being assaulted, raped, or murdered.

You see Patricia, admitting that you are not racist means that you are admitting you are willfully ignorant and you are not able to take care of your own children. Best wishes to your ex-husband.


  1. Once again the kikes are to blame, for flooding white countries with these parasites
    On the plus side it looks like obummers immigrant amnesty has been rejected

    1. Here's some great coverage of the media's reaction to Obongo's defeat:

    2. The USA is not a white country, you fucking idiot!!! It's a land of immigrants... Get your head out of your ass, smh

    3. Exactly. It is because the USA is a land of immigrants that we had policies of the genocide of Native peoples, the enslavement of African peoples, and the second class status of European Catholics and Jews. They were all just human meat for the cultural grinder. It is because the USA is a land of immigrants that Latinos will be the next group to be forcibly assimilated into the culture of Death otherwise known as the American way of life.

      The USA demands all colors, creeds, and faiths be blended into one godless mash of consumer cattle. Welcome, Carl Burger.

    4. By the way, Carlos got here from Bayamon, Puerto Rico by searching Yahoo for "beat up spics". =D