Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mexicans are Pedophiles, and Other Obvious Facts

Ay yi yi - a perverted Mexican mayor has been filmed forcing a girl to kiss him, just months after he lifted the skirt of another minor during his birthday party. Quoting:

Hilario Ramirez Villanueva, 44, who is the mayor of the coastal town of San Blas, was caught on camera last week dancing with a local woman at the National Spring Fair.

In a 55-second recording, which was later uploaded onto the mayor’s personal Facebook page, Villanueva, sporting his trademark white cowboy hat, is seen clinging onto his young dance partner and gyrating his hips into hers to the tune of traditional Mexican music known as Banda as a crowd of spectators cheer on. [...]

At first, the youthful brunette looks stunned and uncertain, but in the end she lets the 44-year-old mayor smooch her on the mouth.

[...] Mr Villanueva, who once confessed to pocketing public funds, landed in hot water for exposing a young woman's buttocks on stage during his lavish birthday party. [...] Local media said the young woman was under the age of 18, but there was little public criticism of him.

Why would anyone expect Mexicans to object to the sexual exploitation of children and teenagers? That is like expecting Mexicans to object to anally-smuggling narcotics or to border fence jumping. It would be an insult to their rich Latino heritage.


  1. You know biden is well known for doing worse than the beaner
    Talking about beaners zimmerman was shot in the face 2 days ago by a faggot SJW
    unsusprisingly the media is silent about this

    1. http://news.yahoo.com/bystander-recounts-man-said-allegedly-shooting-george-zimmerman-154125973--abc-news-topstories.html