Sunday, May 17, 2015

Homo-Dindu Convicted of Spreading HIV

Let's start here:

Michael Johnson, a former wrestling champion from Lincoln College, Illinois, has found himself at the center of a legal battle pertaining to his alleged sexual indiscretions. Johnson, who is also known by his online alter ego "Tiger Mandingo," has been accused of knowingly spreading HIV to a number of sexual partners that he met on gay dating apps.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Tiger Mandingo - that's hilarious. His motto could be: "Rely on the Tiger - to infect you with HIV."

Following a 3 day trial, a jury needed just 3 hours of deliberations to find Johnson guilty of one count of recklessly infecting a partner with HIV, 1 count of attempting to recklessly infect a partner with HIV and 3 counts of recklessly exposing a partner to HIV. [...] Johnson's legal team plan to attempt to have the time served concurrently, which if successful would mean that Johnson would only serve 30 years in total.

Now that you have the story, prepare yourself for the spin from an activist group called "The Counter-Narrative Project":

Yesterday, after just a few days of testimony and only two hours of deliberation, a nearly all-white jury convicted Michael Johnson...

It is hard to ignore the racial optics of this case. A very muscular and attractive Black man stood accused by mostly white men, in a small county, and was tried in front of a nearly all-white jury. Whether in health care, or the courtroom, there is no justice for Black gay men in either location.

What? Allow me to re-summarize the details of the case. This nigger knew he was HIV positive, did not inform his sexual partners, engaged in unprotected sex that transmitted the HIV virus, his sexual partners then reported him to law enforcement and testified against him, and when this nigger is convicted - it's racism. Nevermind if the men he infected were part of a protected class as well, this whole mess is the fault of White jurors, not Michael "Dindu Nuffin" Johnson. Fantastic.

Understand this - The Cult of DIE-versity is a ravenous monster that will consume its own when there are no Chalkies left to blame. The signs are already present. The deliberate spreading of HIV among niggers is now considered a Queer Civil Rights issue. Astonishing.


  1. A Gay nigger wrestler? Brings new meaning to chokeslam and lowblow
    I typed tiger mdingo into joogle ,all the articles were about racism and homophobia
    Those liberal freaks are truly deranged,
    he can have plenty of downlow fun in jail,
    The only Silver lining is AIDS will kill the dindu within 5 years ,hopefully less

    1. HA! But seriously, this truly is the best thing that could ever happen to Tiger Mandingo - and I don't think he will be dying anytime soon.

      1) As you mentioned, he now will get plenty of downlow action.
      2) He has become a martyr for the SJW's. They will campaign to have him released, and in the meantime make him a new Queer Saint like Matthew Shepard.
      3) The taxpayer will now foot the bill for the expensive drug cocktails that will keep this nigger alive until such time as the culture sinks low enough that he is released into the loving arms of his SJW handlers.

  2. Very musclar and attractive black man ? These sjw freaks are disgusting
    Interestingly the only openly Gay pro wrestlers are both niggers orlando jordan and darren young ,vote hilary and see the fag agenda ramped up

    1. This article says that of all ethnic groups, the dindus are most likely to be queer:

  3. Dindudindudindu can't u see sometimes your pozz just spreads from you to me and I just love your hivvy ways