Tuesday, May 26, 2015

British Toy Maker Markets Disabled Dolls

Disabled Dolls from Left to Right: Gimp, Nigger, and Scarface


Makies, a line of dolls manufactured using 3-D printers, has introduced various additions to its collection so that dolls can now be purchased with walking canes, hearing aids, glasses or facial birthmarks. [...]

The new dolls sell at the same price as the others made by Makies — roughly $108 each. While the canes and hearing aids come as accessories with the dolls, the birthmarks are bespoke: "We work from photos, so the result is tailored to the customer (or their child)," the company said in a statement.

Holy crap, $108 dollars for a disabled doll!?! Why not buy a Barbie for $8 and take a lighter to its face? And why does a girl need a doll with a disfiguring birthmark or club foot just like she has? Does she really need a reminder she is deformed? "Oh, but it builds self-esteem!", I can hear the crazies cry. How about building self-esteem through actual accomplishments in academics, arts, crafts, community service, etc.? No, no, no - I'm sure having one's parents blow $108 on a custom-made deformed doll is just as effective of way to build a child's self-esteem.


  1. This is both homophobic and antisemitic
    Where is the jewish doll with bagels and shekekls, and how about the fag doll with
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    1. There are jewish dolls too - each comes with its own handwritten Holocaust story and they shit diamonds.

      The fag dolls are filled with HIV positive blood (gloryhole playset sold separately).

  2. Notice how the nigger doll is placed at the front, everyone is equal but niggers are extra equal
    Your story does not tell what the niggers disability is, I guess being a coon is disability in itself, how about a limited edition Mike brown doll

    1. Correct - part of being a nigger is being mentally disabled. The doll is also supposed to be hearing impaired, with pink hearing aids on either side of her head.

      They have a Mike Brown doll - here it is: http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/713qOog4OqL._SL1300_.jpg