Thursday, April 30, 2015

Ebony Threatens to Shoot Ivory Po-Pos

This story is pretty mundane, but I adore the photo that goes with it. Quoting:

Ebony Dickens of East Point, Georgia, posted her Facebook rant under the name Tiffany Milan, police said.

"All Black ppl should rise up and shoot at every white cop in the nation starting NOW," said the post made on Monday. "I condone black on white killings. Hell they condone crimes against us."

"I thought about shooting every white cop I see in the head until I'm either caught by the police or killed by them. Ha!!!! I think I can pull it off. Might kill at least 15 tomorrow, I'm plotting now."

Needless to say, it got law enforcement's attention. Not only the East Point police, but Atlanta police -- whose homeland security unit "worked diligently ... to identify the true identity of the poster and her whereabouts," [...]

Tiffany Milan, eh? I'm guessing they found her in one of three locations:

1) Welfare Office
2) Abortionist
3) Crack Den

Now, what truly brings me joy is this picture of Ebony Dickens' sister Erica, taken at the courthouse:

Wouldn't seeing that coming at you in a dark alley just scare the Dickens right out of you? What could have possessed her to show up to court dressed like a Lesbian Biker Bitch for Black Jesus??? She's got the crossed eyes, a lump protruding from her forehead, an above lip piercing (called a Monroe piercing by the way), and let's not forget the comically oversized black crosses dangling from her ears. If I had created a cartoon character that looked like this sub-ape-ess, it would have been slammed as outrageously and unbelievably racist - yet, here it is. Outstanding.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Searching for Niggers

There are a bunch of them chimping out in Baltimore right now, if you weren't already aware. The title of today's post refers to this article: The most racist places in America, according to Google. How delightful! Let's take a look at the map provided:

As you may have noticed, the racism in question was measured by the number of searches for the "N-word", which is nigger, as in "Lots of people in Appalachia google the word nigger." There's a strange kind of gerrymandering going on on this map that I am simply to lazy to investigate further. Suffice it to say, I think it has something to do with the correlation the researchers were trying to establish, quoting the article linked above:

 So some people are sitting at home by themselves, Googling a bunch of racist stuff. What does it matter? As it turns out, it matters quite a bit. The researchers on the PLOS ONE paper found that racist searches were correlated with higher mortality rates for blacks, even after controlling for a variety of racial and socio-economic variables.

"Results from our study indicate that living in an area characterized by a one standard deviation greater proportion of racist Google searches is associated with an 8.2% increase in the all-cause mortality rate among Blacks," the authors conclude. 

Uh, huh. Well, according to the researchers' map, niggers living in the state of West Pennhiovirgiland have a lot to worry about.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Baltimore, just some "space to destroy".

The weather is warming, and the sub-apes have begun to stir from their hibernation and return to their feeding (killing) grounds. The tender white petals drifting in the breeze seem to spell out a commandment of Mother Nature directly to her darkie brood: "Time to burn this mother-fucker down!". Cut to Baltimore:

Rioters flooded the streets of a Baltimore neighborhood Monday, throwing rocks and attacking police officers, leaving seven injured, including an officer who was unresponsive, according to police officials.

Authorities declined to connect the violence with a cause, but it followed by days the death in police custody of Freddie Gray, a black man who died from spinal injuries, prompting an investigation of police officers.

Baltimore's mayoress Stephanie Rawlings-Blake had this to say:

“While we tried to make sure that they were protected from the cars and the other things that were going on, we also gave those who wished to destroy space to do that as well,” [...]

To put it mildly, she... could have phrased that better. [...]

On Sunday night, the Daily Caller's report was updated with a statement from the mayor's office, clarifying that the mayor had at best dropped a few words while making a point. Of course she didn't admit that the city gave some stand-down order to let rioters rule the streets. "Unfortunately," said city hall, "as a result of providing the peaceful demonstrators with the space to share their message, that also meant that those seeking to incite violence also had the space to operate."

How generous of the media to give a black mayoress a pass when she omits a few words and gives the world the impression she let protesters loot and set fire to an American metropolis. Now Dan Quayle misspelling potato, there was a reason to crucify a politician.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Russian Sluts Arrested for Twerking at War Memorial

Three young women in southern Russia will serve up to 15 days in prison, on charges of hooliganism, after posting a video of themselves performing the hip-hop dance on YouTube, with a war memorial looming in the background.

“We condemn these women. Every inch of this land is covered in blood. It is inappropriate,” said Viktoriya Dikaya, the press secretary for the city’s education department.

The Malaya Zemlya memorial, completed in 1982, which is seen behind the twerkers, commemorates a battle to free Novorossiysk from German occupation in 1943.

Didn't you know? This is why you fought those evil Nazis, so your women would have the freedom to whore themselves at a war memorial 70 years later! Or, in this case, so that Russian children could twerk in front of their parents, presenting like baboons in heat. In response to the latter story, one pedophile commented:

"kids will be kids...who really cares???"

Is that what that is? Or is it your kids will be reduced to rutting niggers once kike-infested Western Culture gets its tendrils upon them?

Saturday, April 25, 2015

"U look like a monkey and you smell like 1 too"

Perhaps that is a rude thing to say, but it is most likely accurate in this case. Quoting from the linked article:

A mother has been arrested for referring to her African-American neighbors as 'apes' during a dispute over a parking space.

Um ... no. That is not why said mother was arrested. One does not need to go to paragraph two of the article to know that the author/authoress has already screwed up the story, and what follows will be as biased as hell. Isn't it incredible that such reporting can pass as "journalism"? Pathetic. Let's continue...

Eva Chapin, 34, from West Linn, Oregon, was booked into jail after she left a string of offensive post-it notes on the door of the family home. The qualified nurse referred to the residents, who are believed to have roots in Ghana, as '[niggers]' but wrote: 'I am not racist'.

Oh, Eva  - yes you are. But it's O.K. You're right to want your community free of niggers. It is a natural, healthy feeling. However, leaving expletive-laden post-its is not the healthiest expression of that feeling. Continuing...

One of the notes, seen by KATU, read: 'Apes were never meant to drive so stop.'


Another said: 'I've been here 22 years and no [niggers] and now you. U made me hate [niggers] now.'

'I'm not racist,' one of the notes allegedly said, 'but I can see how someone can become [sic] hating [niggers]. You did this. There were no [niggers] in W.L. until u came.' 

Another, which the victims were most disturbed by, said: 'U look like a monkey and you smell like 1 too [sic].'

Chapin was arrested on Tuesday and charged with two counts of intimidation and harassment. She has since been released from jail as prosecutors review her case. She is due back in court on May 7.

And there it is. Not as was stated at the beginning of the article (paraphrasing), "two counts of calling a black person an ape." Gentle readers, here is our lesson for the day. Don't do what Eva Chapin did. Yes, racism is healthy and should be nurtured. But please do not put your racism into post-it note form on a neighbor's property. Thank you!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Featherheads Restless Over Adam Sandler Movie

Damn those culture-appropriating, White Supremacist Christian devils who run Hollyweird! Quoting:

Approximately a dozen Native actors and actresses, as well as the Native cultural advisor, left the set of Adam Sandler’s newest film production, The Ridiculous Six, on Wednesday. The actors, who were primarily from the Navajo nation, left the set after the satirical western’s script repeatedly insulted native women and elders and grossly misrepresented Apache culture.

Oh boy ... this ought to be good! What kind of insults are we talking about here? Continuing to quote:

The examples of disrespect included Native women’s names such as Beaver’s Breath and No Bra, an actress portraying an Apache woman squatting and urinating while smoking a peace pipe, and feathers inappropriately positioned on a teepee.

Eh ... what else ya got? This just isn't doing it for me.

Allison Young, Navajo, a former film student from Dartmouth, was also offended by the stereotypes portrayed and the outright disrespect paid to her and others by the director and producers. [...] "The producers just told us, 'If you guys are so sensitive, you should leave.'"

Given their reservations about the film, that probably was good advice. But, being that blunt, Sandler's kike production company probably got themselves a lot more trouble than it was worth. Still, good to hear another story of the lefties turning on each other (see this post about the celebrity plastic surgeon who killed himself after being ridiculed by Martin Short).

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Dothead Advert Angers Easily Offended

Here is the ad (right side of picture):

Quoting this article:

On Friday, April 17, an advertisement featuring actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan appeared in the Delhi edition of The Hindu. Kalyan Jewellers, the company behind the ad, quickly became the target of criticism for the imagery depicted in it: the actress, posing as an aristocrat from an older era, relaxing under an umbrella held by a dark-skinned, emaciated boy.

Dear Easily Offended: You are aware that the umbrella and boy aren't real, right? See the original image on the left side of the picture above? Pathetic. I suppose if there was a cartoon elephant photoshopped behind her, we would be hearing outrage from the animal rights whackjobs. Continuing to quote:

Before this development, an open letter to Bachchan published by Scroll on Wednesday had lambasted the ad and expressed "dismay" at the actress's decision to appear in it.

[...] advertisements and visuals are a critical part of our socio-cultural-psychological ecosystem and these ecosystems can either help create conditions in our mind that will foster positive social change or work against it. So, in this context, what is the social change we want? One, racism is a global reality, and we need to fight it. Two, though child labour in many industries is illegal in India, it is still rampant and we all need to work together to change this. Three, the Right to Education Act mandates that all children up to age 14 must be in school, and we need to make sure they are there and learning."

In response, the actress has denounced the ad, and the company has pulled it from use. Well, wonderful. So, dothead SJW's - has global racism decreased since the removal of the ad? Has child labour declined in India? Has a cartoon emaciated-brown-boy shown up for his first day of school? No? How can that be???

Oh, that's right - the socio-cultural-psychological-ecosystem of SJW's is just a giant stagnant swamp of outraged internet whimpering. It doesn't solve anything - it merely tears down those with whom it disagrees, and who allow themselves to be bullied by internet harassers. Don't believe me? Then answer me this, how many Nigerian schoolgirls did your hashtag campaign liberate since April 14th, 2014? I guess the niggers of Boko Haram haven't checked their organization's Twitter page, or those girls would already be home, right? A year on, and the Nigerian military is trying to crush Boko Haram once and for all; but it still cannot promise to bring the girls home. But hey, at least internet outrage was able to liberate that cartoon emaciated-brown-boy from his cruel mistress.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Habitat for Sub-Humanity

Every day on my way home from work, I drive through a rundown section of my city that may be accurately described as a niggertown. The sub-apes wandering the streets have yet to cause me any problems, though I cannot say I have stopped to give them a chance to do so. One thing that I find interesting about niggertown is that it is perpetually dilapidated, and its denizens just don't care. Nothing ever gets any better in niggertown unless someone not of niggertown comes in to fix it up. And when this occurs, it is invariably accompanied by a Habitat for Humanity sign.

Normally, the sign goes up, and a shiny new hovel appears in place of a tear-down. Or a sign goes up, and the plywood screwed to the windows comes down. Or a sign goes up, and a prop supporting a falling porch is removed and the porch restored. I have always marveled at how short sighted this handyman behavior is. No one asks, "Why did this happen?". No one asks, "How can we keep this from happening again?" There is simply a feel-good blindness that only looks at the accomplishment of the present, as if there was a perfectly reasonable explanation how this happened, and a perfectly reasonable expectation it won't happen again. Don't ask what the actual reason is, and the illusion won't be disturbed.

Invariably, the Habitat for Humanity volunteers are Chalky Devils. It's funny - White people pay beaners to build their homes, but White people themselves build free homes for Darkies. In fact, I have never seen a non-Chalky working at one of these restoration projects in niggertown. These White people do not shop in niggertown. Their children do not visit the playgrounds. They won't even stop for gas at the one service station / liquor store. But somehow, they feel compelled to migrate here in the Spring and play Mr. and Ms. Fix-It for the sub-apes. But, here is the big question - why don't the locals help them? The most lifting the Darkies will do is to lift a pair of scissors to cut the ribbon.

Oh, but these African Americans are so oppressed and poverty stricken! They don't have the tools or supplies to do this themselves.

That's not what I asked. Give Tyrelloshante a hammer, nails, and boards and tell him to fix his own damn porch.

But he is uneducated, he doesn't know how!

Then teach him the skill so he can do it himself.

But ... he's tired. He's been working all day ...

Yeah, right. Even you don't believe that one.


Just get back to white washing dat der fence.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Chimps Given Human Rights in United States

First Chimp-Gay marriage ceremony expected by Fall 2015.

What hath humanity wrought? Quoting:

On Monday, a New York judge granted two chimpanzees a writ of habeas corpus. In other words, the chimps have the right to a day in court -- under a law that only applies to people.

This isn't coming from nowhere: The Nonhuman Rights Project (NhRP) has been trying to get chimps the rights of personhood for years. They represent the animals in court, arguing that their living situations -- as pets or performers -- should be considered as unlawful as the inhumane detention of a human.

You know what? I despise the idea of chimps as performers in circuses and movies, and the idea that they are kept in zoos or privately owned. For me, this applies to any undomesticated animal. I'll even go further - I think private ownership of domestic animals should be a privilege and not a right. I think pet shops should be made illegal. I think the purchase and breeding of domestic animals should require licensure and regulation, as should the slaughter of livestock.

And do you know why I feel this way? Not because of some great love of animals (chimps are some of the ugliest, stinkiest beasts on the planet next to sub-apes), but because of my great distrust and hatred of the human race. Human beings don't know what the hell they are doing most of the time. They cannot foresee the consequences of their actions. They never truly grow beyond the mentality of the four-year-old who promises to take care of a puppy and clean up after it goes wee-wee on the furniture, even though said four-year-old still can't do a proper job cleaning its backside after it makes boom-boom. Would it truly inconvenience you, the responsible pet owner, to pay for a license to own a dog, if it kept dogs out of the hands of people who can't afford to take them to the vet?

All that being said, I cannot fathom why a chimp needs human rights in order to keep it out of the hands of Hollyweird celebrities, and crazy women from Connecticut, etc. As much as I would like to see every chimp returned to the wilds of Africa (along with every sub-ape for that matter), I find granting them personhood an absurd, civilization-destroying act of zealotry. This can only make the slippery slope that much slipperier. And the animal-loving-loonies know it, quoting from the first link above:

Natalie Prosin, the executive director of the NhRP, told Science Magazine. “We got our foot in the door. And no matter what happens, that door can never be completely shut again.”

Holy freakin' crap - Prosin just uttered the motto of every leftist wingnut...

“We got our foot in the door. And no matter what happens, that door can never be completely shut again.”

But, she is wrong. Just like every other insane, radical-progressive, civilization-destroying cause the left inflicts upon the West, once the last Chalkie is tossed into a mass grave, its game over. The brown, unwashed masses will free the chimps just long enough to rape them, and then eat them. Then they will turn on each other and do the same.

Monday, April 20, 2015

950 Down - 999,999,050 to Go

An anonymous commenter left some wonderful news today in another post. Quoting this article:

NEARLY 1,000 people, including hundreds locked away, may have been aboard a migrant smugglers boat which capsized off the coast of Libya. A Bangladeshi survivor flown to Sicily for treatment told Italian prosecutors 950 people - including 200 women and dozens of children - were on board and there were hundreds who had been locked in the hold by smugglers.

Hooray! I suggest we offer a day of prayer and thanksgiving for this news.

One bleeding heart tried to pile up the White Guilt deep and wide with this article, but ended up offering the best reasoning I have ever read for drowning migrants:

The 900 did not fall victim to some tragic accident. They were murdered. Actually, they were massacred. The policy stipulated they should be left to die. So they died. The policy was put in place so ministers could look tough on immigration. And now ministers do look tough. Very, very tough.

Parties across the political spectrum have fought to convince the voters that they too believed Britain would be better if we could just get immigration under control. And the death of The 900 will have gone some way to convincing them our politicians are serious.

We have got our wish. The 900 will never set foot here. 900 jobs are safe. 900 houses available for local people. 900 hospital beds left open. 900 empty school desks.

The 900 are gone. Britain is better.

Don't stop at better - let's aim for perfect.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Lesbian Muslim Tortures her Daughter to Death

Ah, Die-versity. Quoting:

The court heard how the mother of eight-year-old Ayesha Ali was seduced by her next-door neighbour, who persuaded her to end her marriage to Afsar Ali and instead embark upon a lesbian relationship with her. Kiki Mudar, 43, then used a complex network of alternate personalities, fictional characters, ghosts, demons, and angels to control Ayesha’s mother, 35 year-old Polly Chowdhury.

Polly Wolly Doodle Chowdhury. Ha! Oh, sorry, was that inappropriate? Demons you say? Continuing to quote:

Accusing the girl of being possessed by evil spirits, they subjected her to various punishments and starved her. [...] Although she was found naked but for her underwear and covered in bruises on her bedroom floor, neither her mother nor her lover would admit to the killing, both blaming each other. The women were cleared of murder, but convicted of the lesser charge of manslaughter.

Yep, I can believe this, just look at them. The one on the left has that nutty look in her slightly offset eyes, and the one on the right has lesbian written all over her (in facial bacne). Well, c'est la vie. THE BROWNING will have to continue with three less welfare dependents (though, admittedly, two remain state dependents behind bars).

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Random House Germany jews its way out of an agreement


Random House Germany and its imprint Siedler are being sued over the biography on Adolf Hitler's minister for propaganda by Cordula Schacht, a lawyer and daughter of Hjalmar Schacht who served as Hitler's minister of economics between 1934-1937. Hjalmar Schacht was acquitted of war crimes at the Nuremberg tribunals held after World War Two.

Schacht owns the rights to Goebbels' diaries which he wrote between 1924-1945.

Random House had agreed to pay 1% of the net retail price to Goebbels' estate, but has since retracted this, saying it has moral objection to paying money to a war criminal's estate.

Speaking to the Guardian, Rainer Dresen, general counsel of Random House Germany said: "We are convinced that no money should go to a war criminal."

Wait ... what? Who are you talking about? Are you saying Cordula Schacht is a war criminal? I'm guessing no. Then, are you saying Hjalmar Schacht was a war criminal? Wouldn't that be libel, since he was acquitted at Nuremberg? Are you saying that Goebbels was a war criminal? Because, since he is dead, he is not getting any of this money? Are you saying Goebbels relatives are war criminals? Can you give us the details of their crimes? Or are you perhaps just flailing about in self-righteous indignation, because you are a greedy sack of shit? Just curious.

Dresen suggested to Schacht – privately and in court – that royalties could be paid if she in turn donated them to a Holocaust charity. But she rejected the idea on the grounds that money should go to Goebbels’ family, thought to include descendants of Goebbels’ siblings.

Quoting Rainer Dresen - I alone should profit from the Holocaust!!! ME! (Not an actual quote, but the sentiment is there.) Why should only 1% go to a Holocaust charity, Dresen? Why not give all of the publisher's profits to charity as well?

Friday, April 17, 2015

Illegal Aliens are out of this World

Quoting the website The Pundit Press:

Stevenson College, part of the University of California, Santa Cruz, is apologizing to its students for serving Mexican food during “Intergalactic” night.

In a letter sent out to students, the college apologized for having “a Mexican food buffet,” while also featuring spaceships and aliens. The college received complaints saying the combination was racist because of the association between Mexicans and illegal immigrants.

And if you want to guess what the douchebag who made said complaint looked like, scroll down to yesterday's post.

I just don't understand how a civilization can keep functioning at such a high level of stupidity. What do you think, History Channel guy?

Thursday, April 16, 2015

College Liberal Meme: Race Doesn't Exist

Today, I overheard a conversation that got me thinking about the illogic and hypocrisy of leftists on the issue of race. I felt the issue could be best summarized by attaching it to the meme of that revolting, smug, leftist, man-woman, culture-appropriating cunt otherwise known as the College Liberal.

That got me wondering, who the hell is this twat, and is it aware what a god-awful douche it appears to be? Is it at all embarrassed that its image is circulating about the interwebs with a thousand variations of the same message: insufferable leftist cunts like this are ruining this world for the rest of us. I have found no concrete evidence on the true identity (or even gender identity) of this ... thing ... but I thank it for its service against the very ideology it seems to embody.

Here is a good history of the College Liberal meme.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Hurry Up Zipperhead

Why does this keep happening? A receipt for goods/services has once again been used to communicate a raaaacist message.


Fa-Sai Thai Restaurant in Anaheim, Calif. had an exceptionally busy service on one recent night and a rude customer had to wait a measly 15 minutes for his food. When he went to sign his receipt, he declined to tip his server and instead wrote, "HURRY THE FUCK UP ZIPPERHEAD." Fa-Sai Thai owner CJ Jetphukthai shared the receipt on the restaurant's (now deleted) Facebook page and explained the story. 

Hilarious, but ... the Facebook page was deleted? Attention a little more than you expected for your racist receipt hoax? Of course, if someone truly was dumb enough to write this on a receipt with his/her credit card information included, then ...

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Poo2Loo and Turd World Immigration

Yesterday, I mentioned India's public campaign to potty train their vast population of subhumans. UNICEF's Take the Poo to the Loo campaign has it's own website and music video. First, this from the website:

Close to 594 million which is 48 percent of population in India practices open defecation. That's half the population dumping over 65 million kilos of poo out there every day.

Charming. You know, the literacy rate in India is 74%. Don't people normally finish potty training before learning how to read? How did these two get reversed in India?

And then there is the music video. You may watch it just for a cheap laugh, or simply to marvel at how debased the subhumans are that they need a music video to explain how to go poo in the loo. But do me a favor. Imagine the back drop is a Western Nation, the subhumans are White, and the dancing poos are Turd World immigrants. We need a music video like that to explain what the West should do with said immigrants.

Another thing I would like you to do is every time you see the name Savitri Devi, remember this video.

Monday, April 13, 2015

How Many Dindu Nuffins Can Fit in a Trunk?

As in the trunk (boot) of a car ...

There were some interesting comments beneath this video.

Gotta love how they assume the dude is coming into the resturant to shoot and kill them. If the people filming were any other race but black, everyone would be screaming racist!

They put all those kids in the trunk but if they put the mother in the trunk all those kids would have room to sit in the car.

Kids in the trunk? Illegal & Dangerous.
Laughing & Letting them do it? Ghetto.

Not only ghetto, but also illegal. But what does that matter to the sub-apes? Quoting an article on the matter:

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office is also now investigating. DCF said if you see something like this happening; don’t just shoot video of it. They want witnesses to call 800-96-ABUSE.

And why must such a blindingly obvious instruction be released to the sub-ape public? For the same reason people must be told to poo in the loo - they are simply not human.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Top 5 Racist Jokes for Beaner Gives Birth on Lawn

The Story

1) It's the Mexican Circle of Life! Can't wait for Disney to write a song about this.
2) Her baby shower registry is at the Home Depot Lawn and Garden center.
3) 2 minutes later her husband showed up with a pair of shears and a leaf blower to clean up the mess.
4) Get used to this kid, you'll be spending the rest of your life on other people's lawns.
5) Standing a few feet away is the Scotts lawn guy screaming "Feed your lawn! Feed it!"

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Bet he always chooses rock ...

Today we consider the sad case of Manu Kumar, a ten-year-old boy from India who was born with fused fingers and toes (and the face of Marty Feldman).

Ten-year-old Manu Kumar from Jharkhand, India has not let this rare condition, known as Syndactyly, get the better of him and remains positive for the future. His mother Rani, 30 said of her son: ‘It is the curse of the God that my son was born deformed and I am worried about his future. ‘I’m afraid he might struggle to lead a normal life. ‘We will of course take care of him while we are alive but I don’t know what will happen to him when we’re gone.’

The God? Which one? The anthropomorphic elephant, the six-armed murderer, or the one who you worship while she is on the rag?

To better understand his travails, let's read this letter Manu typed with his own two hands ...

mnmmnk jklvjklvjklmnkl sdfjklsdfjkljkljkld cmnkldjklmnkl mnccmnkmnklc mnkljkjkljkljkl bnmn mn mn nkjklejkjkwerjklc jkwejkwermnkllnk xnklcjkljklmnklm,l;mcv wjkjkjklskjlwermklmmncv jkwdcjklmnmnmkl;mkl; kmnlcv mkmkllcfklwefjk klklerklpklcv bkl;opedoperklprfklfgvklvb kowerjkoperjkocv koejkliopfiowerjkl2ermnl c jkowejkomnl xcv jkjkomn jkwejieruiopefjkopc jjkopjkopfvui0wjkmnlc jkowejhjkiowjk1

Friday, April 10, 2015

Emoji Race Wars

Let me start by sharing the definition of emojis:

[...] ideograms or smileys used in Japanese electronic messages and Web pages, the use of which is spreading outside Japan.

And what did that spread lead to in the West? Quoting:

[...] you can’t find a single black emoji. You can, however, send one emoji of two ladies in kimonos, a guy in a turban, and another avatar described as “vaguely Asian." 

If that doesn’t sound like a lot of diversity, it isn’t. These are the paltry offerings for non-white iPhone users, while the exact same emoji of a Caucasian woman gets represented nine times, between cutting her hair and doing her nails. This has not escaped the notice of Apple customers, with even pop star Miley Cyrus pressuring the company to make emojis more reflective of the world’s population [...]

Oh, what a surprise. Listen carefully and you can hear the shrill cry of the over-privileged, perpetually offended leftist millennials: MY iPHONE IS RAAACIST!!! And how did Apple respond? Quoting:

Apple on Thursday introduced its new racially diverse emojis, allowing users to cycle through various shades of white and brown to customize their emojis’ skin colors. 

And can you guess the response from same leftist millennials? Quoting one of those insufferable cunts:

In trying to advocate for racial inclusivity in its iOS 8.3 update, Apple has allowed for further racial segregation with these new emojis. Because I’m black, should I now feel compelled to use the “appropriate” brown-skinned nail-painting emoji? Why would I use the white one? Now in simple text messages and tweets, I have to identify myself racially. I’ll now question other people’s emoji use when they’re speaking to me: Why is he sending me the black angel emoji specifically?

Well, you whining uppity nig-nog, try figuring out why I am sending you this emoji...

Thursday, April 09, 2015

Obongo Supports Ban on Conversion Therapy

Just what kind of conversion are we talking about? Quoting the White House Statement:

Conversion therapy generally refers to any practices by mental health providers that seek to change an individual’s sexual orientation or gender identity.

Well no wonder Obongo wants to end that. It certainly didn't straighten him. And it made his Frankenstein man-wife an even more unconvincing "female". More on the story:

A 17-year-old transgender youth, [Leelah  Joshua] Alcorn, stunned [her his] friends and a vast Internet audience in December when [she he] threw herself in front of a tractor-trailer after writing in an online suicide note that religious therapists had tried to convert [her him] back to being a boy. In response, President Obama is calling for an end to such therapies aimed at “repairing” gay, lesbian and transgender youth. 

You know, I think it would have been more appropriate if Alcorn suicided himself by diving in front of a Gay Pride parade float. Perhaps you remember the public flogging Alcorn's parents received for not supporting their boy's desire to be porked in a surgically-created inside-outside penis-vagina.

“You’re disgusting.” “You awful b—-.” “Your daughter killed herself because of you.” “The entire Internet … can see what you have done.”

Vigilantes also posted the phone numbers of both Alcorn’s mother and father. On Tumblr, one user urged her followers to call Carla’s employer, a relatively new tactic in the online-shaming game.

“Honestly?” tweeted one user who posted Doug’s phone number. “I’m ok [with] terrorizing Leelah’s parents for eternity.”

Because ... love, right? A funny detail of this story is that the driver of the truck that flattened the little faggot was named Abdullahi Ahmed. Imagine what they do to faggots in his homeland.

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Sullen Sub-Ape-ess of Saudi Arabia


A young child (juvenile sub-ape-ess) who was photographed sifting through rubbish has received messages of support as well as financial help after she was mocked by a man (towel-head) in a selfie. The child was wearing an Ittihad jersey, one of Jeddah’s top teams, when a passerby from a rival team took a snapchat of himself and the girl with a derogatory message underneath.

The photo was widely circulated on social media with many condemning the vile remarks in the selfie. There was an overwhelming sympathy for the child who they felt was working honestly to help her poor family and not begging for handouts. [...]

The man who took the selfie, Faisal Hafez, tracked down the girl and was seen in a video apologizing to her for what he did and giving her gifts. He is then seen kissing her on the head, as sign of respect in the Arab culture.

And doesn't she look thrilled to be used as a prop a second time. Ha! Here kid - strap this ticking "Barbie's First Jihad" playset to your jersey and prepare for martyrdom.

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Misogynist Gun Suicides Itself

Watch this woman-hating gun kill itself rather than continue on as the plaything of one of Adam's ribs.

"Durp! Muh gun go boom!" The more I watch this, the funnier it gets. FULL DISCLOSURE: I make no claims of being skilled with firearms. In fact, due to a clumsy disposition, I recommend not arming me should the grand race war ever get started.

Monday, April 06, 2015

Jewish Plastic Surgeon Kills Himself After Mockery

If you're like me, and I know I am, you are going to love this...

Although celebrity dermatologist Dr. Fredric Brandt had been upset about comparisons to a character on Tina Fey's Netflix series Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, the show did not cause his apparent suicide Sunday, a source tells PEOPLE. 

"It wasn't the only thing troubling him, it was just one factor," the source adds. "It definitely hurt him. He was absolutely upset, who would want that? But that was not why he committed suicide. But it didn't help." 

In Kimmy Schmidt, released in March, Jane Krakowski's character Jacqueline Voorhees is a frequent client of plastic surgeon Dr. Grant (pronounced "Franff"), played by Martin Short, and the script ridicules his eccentric behavior and appearance. 

And then there is this:

And there is Dr. Brandt himself, who has experimented over the decades with self-administered injections of Botox and an array of fillers [...] The result is a mask of serene immobility, a face with a creaseless brow, a square firm jawline, lips feminine in their puffy fullness. His skin is impressively smooth and so pale as to lend him a lunar aspect. Strangers often inquire, Dr. Brandt said, whether he is from Sweden. Actually, he replies, I am Jewish kid from Newark.

It's a good day.

Sunday, April 05, 2015

sis·sy - noun - a person regarded as effeminate or cowardly.

Thank you NPR for this gagfest ...

Sissy Goodwin teaches power plant technology at Casper College in Wyoming. The 68-year-old Vietnam veteran dresses in women's clothing, wears bows in his hair, likes his skirts exactly 17 inches short, and prefers his toolboxes in pink.

Sissy is also straight. And he wasn't born with that name. His given name is Larry, but one day after a woman on the street called him sissy in a derogatory way, he chose to fully adopt the name. 

So let me ask you, White Whateverist - are you ashamed to be called racist, when this faggot is willing (forget willing, try encouraged) to own the label of sissy?

Saturday, April 04, 2015

Lucille Ball Golem Stalks New York Town

Just look at it ...

This is the first time in my life I have gotten a genuine laugh from Lucille Ball. This horror statue is hi-freakin-larious. Can you imagine strolling through the park near sundown and encountering this monstrosity? Quoting the artist "I was always frightened by Lucille Ball as a child. Now my fear is everyone's." j/k Here's the story:

Lucille Ball fans in Celoron, N.Y., which is just outside of Jamestown, aren’t feeling much “love” for a statue of the comedienne in her hometown.

The bronze sculpture looks so unlike the I Love Lucy creator (we’re thinking it’s something about the teeth… and the eyes… and the face) that Lucy Lovers actually think it does her a disservice. An especially vocal fan, who, according to Yahoo, wishes to remain anonymous, started a Facebook group to advocate for the statue’s removal. “The people of Celoron have erected this horrible statue of Lucy in her hometown,” the Facebook page reads. “It is a nightmare. We want them to replace it.”

"A nightmare" - Ha! The thing is, the statue is already up. The mayor of Celoron says it will cost $8K-$10K to remove it, and he doesn't want to spend taxpayer money on it. But somebody had to have seen that and said ... give me the packing slip, I'll sign for it. Find that idiot and make him/her pay for the statue to be fixed. Better yet, leave it alone. I reassert that the statue finally makes Lucille Ball humorous.

Friday, April 03, 2015

Don't Feed the Monkeys: Dave Chappelle Assaulted with Banana


Dave Chappelle was the victim of a drunken racist attack during a New Mexico show -- a guy in the crowd threw a banana peel at him ... then got thrown in jail for it. Santa Fe cops busted Christian Englander after he hit Chappelle in the leg with the banana Monday night. Not shockingly ... police say he appeared to be wasted, and confessed to doing it.

[...] Ironically, Englander says he thought Dave was making racist jokes at his friend's expense ... and that's why he whipped the banana peel.He was booked for battery and disorderly conduct.

I thought it was rotten tomatoes one is supposed to throw at lame comics. Bananas are usually reserved for sub-ape soccer players. Has anyone checked on this Christian Englander to find out if he might just be crazy, and not racist?


[...] police and the comedian said they believe the banana toss was a racist statement. England denies that, even after repeating the potassium prank on another black man. He told the New Mexican that he "appreciates diversity" and claims he's thrown banana peels at people who were not black.

He said he bought a big bag of bananas for April Fools', which is why he had a peel on hand when he wrangled with [the other black man] on Wednesday.

The New Mexican noted that Englander had banana peels on his front porch when he gave the newspaper a rambling interview.

I'm thinking he is just nuts. Why else would he pay to watch Chappelle's act?

Thursday, April 02, 2015

Hoopty Doo at Fuck You U


Hoop skirts will go the way of Confederate uniforms as special-event attire for Greek organizations at the University of Georgia — into the past.

The hoop skirt ban came after UGA Student Affairs administrators met Monday with some UGA fraternity and sorority leaders, including representatives of the UGA chapters of Sigma Alpha Epsilon and Kappa Alpha fraternities, both of which have deep roots in the Southern Confederacy. 

The student leadership, staff and advisors agree that Antebellum hoop skirts are not appropriate in the context of some events.

And hoop skirts are inappropriate, why? There is some secret awareness here we are all supposed to share as part of the goodthink hive mind. Search the web and you will find plenty of articles claiming the ban has a connection to the anti-nigger chanting of SAE, or because hoop skirts are reminders of slavery, or because hoop skirt = racist. What I have not been able to find is an actual statement by the people who made this decision to directly explain their actions. If you can find one, please let me know.

In the mean time, please enjoy these pictures of racist cunts in hoop skirts.

Note: The first picture is of Harriet Beecher Stowe. Ha!

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Swastika'd Father Gains International Notice

Here's something different. Quoting:

It’s a punishment that has drawn praise and criticism in equal measure – but the father who forced his son to issue a humiliating apology for bullying children at school is known as ‘SS Cowboy” who has posted pictures of himself on Facebook wearing a T-shirt with a swastika on it.

Timothy Robenhorst from Wisconsin forced his son, Kayden to hold a sign declaring himself a bully and take part in demeaning physical tasks after being told he had been bullying a classmate. He then posted the image on Facebook.

Asked by one commenter why he is wearing such a T-shirt, Mr Robenhorst responded: “Because it's a symbol of my beliefs!”

How interesting. Maybe Kayden should strike up a relationship with this girl, whose mother put her picture on Facebook with a sign about being punished for bullying:

In both cases, the idea of one shaming his/her child for poor behavior caused a philosophical split among web denizens. However, in this case we have an apparent pro-White father getting international attention for something other than naming his child after Adolf Hitler. I shall quote my opinion from the previous case, as I believe it applies to this case as well:

People who believe shaming a bully is worse-than or equivalent-to being a bully are not fit to dwell alongside us in a civilized society. People who believe shame is detrimental in correcting bad behavior are beyond hopeless. Pay attention, dolts: If shame was not an effective means of curbing aberrant behavior, why do people engaging in aberrant behaviors go to such lengths to conceal that of which they are ashamed, and cease their aberrant behaviors once they are discovered?

I have had trouble finding out anything else about Timothy Robenhorst. It seems other White Whateverist media sources haven't yet picked up this story. I wonder why? I am curious who this fellow is and what he believes.