Saturday, March 14, 2015

Why ain't they no Nappy Meals at Mickey D's?

Though it happens several thousand times a day across the planet, typically, a sub-ape making a scene at a McDonald's does not make news. However, throw in accusations of racism and ... voilĂ ! Our Jewish media overlords rub their greedy rat paws together and throw out some clickbait for the outrage-hungry masses.

Thirty-four-year-old Lance Williams Sr. is charged with assault and disorderly conduct. Police say he went into the [McDonalds], in the 1300 block of East Euclid Tuesday afternoon, first asking about the price of water.

A friend of Williams then bought a sandwich and walked out, then came back in complaining that there was a bite taken out of the sandwich. [...] Williams demanded money back for the sandwich on behalf of his friend, which the manager returned — hoping he would leave.

Williams remained in the restaurant then started to claim McDonald’s was a racist restaurant because Happy Meal toys did not have dark skin. Police say the suspect starting slinging racial slurs at workers and claimed he would jump over the counter and fight them.

Ah, TNB. I have to disagree that none of the Happy Meal toys have dark skin. Here are some, below.

These three aren't exactly Hitlerjugend.


  1. 1 year later he leaves his infant in a sweltering hot car while in the barber shop.

    1. Excellent find! Thank you very much for the update on this groid.