Monday, March 16, 2015

The niggerishness is strong with this one...

Watch as a rampaging nigger-ess goes ape on a White girl and mulatto child while the nigger-ess's pack of cackling jackanapes chase after the prey and hoot their approval:

A little more info - the White girl's mother is a mudshark. Her black stepfather was interviewed here. The attacking nigger-ess has apparently been identified - here she is on YouTube.

Your thoughts, gentle readers?

Here's mine - Googling the words "SAE racist" tonight will yield 22.7 million hits. Googling the words "Brookside park attack" will yield 55,000. Our nation cares more about a White kid saying the word "nigger" than a nigger actually beating a White kid. That's where we are, in Hell together, you and I.


  1. Here is how being a racist can save your life
    If that white girl was a racist she wouldn't hang out with the dindus,thus preventing an ass whooping,I'm shocked there was no muhDik,worldstar is the Nigger version of CNN

    1. I don't think she has much choice, considering that her stepfather is a darkie. But I certainly hope this event will convince her not to follow in her mother's mudsharking hoofprints.