Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Sub-Ape-ess Gets Nude at Dunkin Donuts


Police: Woman got naked at Dunkin' Donuts on a dare. Shakara Martin was arrested Sunday near West Palm Beach. According to a police report, Martin told authorities the dare was part of a pledge to a dance troop, which wasn't identified.

Shakara - HA! Below is her mugshot. Look at this...thing:

She doesn't even look alive. She looks a like a corpse that the nigger funeral parlor did a horrible job prepping for the nigger funeral. Can't you just see Jamal J.J. Jenkins, funeral director, gluing those fake lashes on, and drawing eyes on the closed eyelids trying to make it look like his corpse bride was ready for a good plowing? Oh, don't give me that look ... derp! You know nigger morticians can't keep they pants on when they get round some fine dead tang.

New Black Standard of Sanity: Kenneth Douglas (Dead Sexy) - Sub-ape Kenneth Douglas, a morgue attendant in Hamilton Ohio, has admitted in federal court that he had sex with at least 100 corpses.

From the looks of her, here is the only dance troop in which she would be at home: LINK.

Shakara is developing quite a collection of mugshots, according to this website, which lists her middle name as Monik. Monik - HA!


  1. There wont be any outrage or condemnation from the ratlike jew media,I'd be surprised if the feral she boon does not become a minor celeb, just like that "aintree nobody got time for dat" that useless soundbite earned the nigger millions ,gettin a job? Nigger got no time fo dat

    1. Top 3 Things Niggers Haven't Got Time For:
      3) Grammar
      2) Bathing
      1) Condoms

  2. Ted the Nigger hater

    I thought chimp e cheese was the prefered venue for Niggershines,monik?there is a nigger prime minister called goodluck Jonathan or Johnson,hes the HNIC of ghana or some other african shithole

    1. Monik does sound like a good name for an animatronic Negress who gets naked and terrifies the chilluns at your kid's birthday pizza party. Perhaps in the not to distant future ...