Saturday, March 28, 2015

Sub-Ape-ess Legislator Accuses White Toddler of Racism

Move over Sheila Jackson Lee, there's a new retarded nigger-ess who want make her name go big wif politics. Let's meet Vanessa Summers, quoting:

An Indiana lawmaker drew gasps during a debate on the state’s controversial “religious freedom” bill when she accused a colleague’s 18-month old son of being racist.

Democratic Rep. Vanessa Summers made the comment during a debate on the Religious Freedom Restoration Act in the House on Monday, referencing Republican Rep. Jud McMillin’s child.

“I told Jud McMillin I love his son, but he’s scare of me because of my color,” Ms. Summers said to Mr. McMmillin, who is white, during the debate, the Indy Star reported March 24.

Of course, the accusation occurred in typical sub-ape-ess form: 1) Start on a totally unrelated topic. 2) Become increasingly agitated and confused as what few brain cells she possesses are exhausted. 3) Make a non sequitur accusation of racism. However, because she is a high-profile professional nigger-ess the fourth step was skipped - 4) Totally chimp out and begin assaulting people. Skipping the fourth step is what has made Vanessa Summers a leader in the black community.

You know, I keep hearing that racism is taught. Good job Vanessa, teaching this toddler about racism before he has even learned how to go potty.


  1. Step 1 was her showing up late haha! But you accurately describe the process, which I've seen a thousand times. They start out sounding put together, normal, then the mask starts to slip, as you observe, under the strain of keeping up the pretense of abstract thought and communication. This one was reduced to bizarre incoherency and referring to the capitol building as a "bubble."

    1. LMAO Showing up late was a given =D I'm also sure she is double-parked across a handicapped spot with illegally tinted windows and expired plates. But God help the racist po-po who would try to ticket her.

  2. I think the Republican Representative has raised his child perfectly to recognize a racist n***** at such a young age should give him the ability will live a long and healthy life knowing he's well aware of his surroundings who to trust and who not to trust

    1. Hello Anonymous,

      Please feel free to type the word n-word, which is nigger, without censorship when you visit - as in, it would be a shame for you not to type the word nigger while you were here.

      It also may be too much to hope that this toddler has anything but an instinctual fear of strangers. However, having been himself (and by extension his father) maligned by a darkie, he has every reason not to trust the sub-apes.