Monday, March 30, 2015

Random Funny Racist Pics 03-30-2015


  1. Off topic, but notice how the MSM isn't reporting the fact that ANDREAS LUBVITS was visiting gay porn and gay perversion sites before he killed
    all thoses? Hmm, let's see, I wonder what the level of reporting would be if he was visiting white supremacist sites.

    1. Thank you for actually posting a topic tonight. I couldn't think of one that interested me.

      I hadn't heard that about Lube-itz. This is hysterical:

      "Lubitz was given the nickname "Tomato Andy": a German term for repressed homosexuals. The anti-gay slur is based on the fact that while a tomato is thought to be a vegetable, it is really a fruit, according to Gay Star News."


    2. Here is something else for you:

      Now take a look at the faggot that started it:

      I find it funny that there has been no such petition for all of the "Kill Whitey" music that has been sold for years by all outlets.

    3. One of the signers said "STOP FUNDING EVIL!" There is absolutely no sense of perspective with these lunatics. If Counter Currents is EVIL!, what is The Daily Stormer, "BIGGER EVIL!"? Stormfront, "EVEN BIGGER EVIL!"? Nazism "SUPER DUPER EVIL!"? Hitler "THE ULTIMATE SUPER EVIL!"? The other funny part (funny sad) is that these leftist cunts probably argue for moral/cultural relativism in any other context.