Sunday, March 08, 2015

Planet Un-Fitness

In the category of "you reap what you sow" we have this story:

A Planet Fitness gym in Midland, Michigan, canceled a woman's gym membership after she complained about a "man" using the women's locker room, a gym spokeswoman confirms to PEOPLE. 

Yvette Cormier insists she had no idea that the person was in fact a transgender woman. "I was stunned and shocked," Cormier told WNEM of the Feb. 28 incident. "He looked like a man. He did not look like a woman." 

"They told me the same thing, that he was allowed in there because that's the sex he wants to be," she told WNEM. 

But still Cormier disagreed and so she began warning people about the "man" in the locker room. 

The gym got wind of her activities and called her to ask her to stop telling people about the incident. She refused and in turn Planet Fitness canceled her membership for violating its "no judgement" policy. 

"No Judgement" Policy? Sounds more like "No Common Sense" Policy. But that's where we are as a society. And I am sure Cormier doesn't realize that, in the eyes of the Multicult, she is just as bad as the Nazi's. Cormier has dared stand against the tide of history and ended up on the wrong side of the wave.

Dear Yvette Cormier,

Please allow me to explain how it can be that you ended up on the wrong side of history. When I am done, it might even send you running to the arms of the leftist overlords, begging for forgiveness. You see Yvette, when you say to a leftist "He looked like a man. He did not look like a woman." That is as bad as if I say "The nigger looked like an ape. He did not look like a human." You are probably horrified by the comparison, but you must understand that the comparison is completely correct in its identification of the MultiCult ideology that is drowning Western Civilization. And while you were quite comfortable to see the tide drown evil racists like myself, you didn't like it as much when it began filling your transphobic lungs.

This is how the West will die, beneath the brown tide. And all your feminist wins and girl-power antics will be exposed for the utter folly that they were. Your gender-struggle was a mere stepping stone to the death of the West. But while it benefited you, you cared less. Now that your time has passed, you are going to start feeling uncomfortable - big time. Tranny staring you down in a locker room uncomfortable! You are an enemy to them now, White woman. They don't need you anymore. That is, unless you would like to sew a forearm-skin penis to your pelvis and start integrating the men's locker room at Planet Fitness.


  1. A quiz for the leftards
    If I was to strap a diLdo on my white cat would that cat now be a black female? After all race and gender are all in the mind, only a bigoted bible bashing duck dynasty southerner would disagree, ps I'm not a fan of the TV show or the family

    1. Hmm - I believe they would say the cat is whatever ze wants to be, including a gay, two-gendered duck-spirit.

  2. Quoting from the care2 article from the link in your last comment "Katy was at a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning and Allies (LGBTQQA) meeting when she first learned about “other” as a gender option"

    Lgbtqqa? Wasn't she quoted in your post about East Asians being white?

  3. Sambo

    Your article reminds me of the many desperate white freaks who go to thailand in search of shemales,thew justify it by claiming they are not Gay and a shemale is the same as a female,if you suck dick or take it up the ass you are queer,end of story,enjoy the Aids

    1. That is some weird, diseased madness going on in Thailand -

  4. Susan jones from london

    You have filled bigot,why cant you allow others to be free and live life? Let me guess a black man stolet your girl? I am reporting you to google for violating terms,relating to hate speech,you are about to be shut down,I have started a twitter campaigns

    1. If you can put me in contact with someone whose freedom or the ability to live life I have imposed upon, please let me know in the comments field. In that case, I would certainly apologize.

      Your guess is incorrect. Kikes stole my civilization and handed over the ruins to niggers and faggots. Shutting down this blog would be a triviality compared to that win.