Monday, March 02, 2015

Pit Bull Uses Woman's Face as Chew Toy

Remember that annoying ice bucket challenge from last year? I know, I tried to forget about it also. As I posted at the time, there were many unintended consequences to all that social media attention-whoring. These included self-inflicted injury, near fatality, child abuse, and bullying. Another consequence that only recently surfaced was the mauling of an elderly woman by her daughter's pitbull while the woman was attempting the challenge. Let's watch:

In defense of the dog, perhaps it misunderstood the shrieking of the children and went into attack mode. Then again, do pit bulls really need a reason to enter attack mode? I am sorry to any pit bull lovers out there, but your dogs are the canine equivalent of niggers. White people who own pit bulls instantly qualify as White Trash. And before anyone takes offense at calling this dog-bite victim White Trash, please watch carefully 14 seconds in while she flips the bird in front of her grandchildren. White ... Trash.


  1. hussein obongo
    good doggy! give him an extra bowl of dog food, yes the ALS or gay LS challenge as i call it was stupid, more desperate celebs crying for attention, if they wanted to donate they could do so anonymously without all the added bullshit,

    1. Now that I think about it, random maulings would have made the challenge much more interesting.

      The kikes train their puppets well: "Oy vey! What good is donation unless people see you donate!"