Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Hidden Valley Rape

Is this graphic in poor taste? Read below before you decide.

From this source, we have the story of the rape of a young aboriginal child in an aboriginal town camp in Alice Springs, Australia. Quoting:

Northern Territory Chief Minister Adam Giles has labelled the media racist for apparently neglecting a story about the alleged rape of a young child at a town camp in Alice Springs.

The child was allegedly dragged into scrubland while walking home and sexually assaulted three weeks ago. A 29-year-old man was charged shortly afterwards.

"One can only think that if it was a blonde-haired, blue-eyed little girl it may be the front page of media around the country."

What a strange thing to say. Is Adam Giles lamenting that it wasn't a White child who was raped? Perhaps something in his half-breed DNA sends a tingle thru his loins at the thought. Here is another thought, Adam - how about not imagining racist rape scenarios and then fantasizing about the degree of media response?

That aside, what is truly disingenuous about Adam Giles, and by extension all MultiCultists who would accuse the media of racism in such cases, is that it is the fear of being labelled racist that keeps the media from reporting such incidences in the first place! Quoting this article:

When I first wrote here about the Rotherham case I wanted to include a single sentence about linking problems in Aboriginal communities to Aboriginal culture. The paper’s lawyers had that sentence taken out, because such “a bare assertion can get us into trouble” under the Racial Discrimination Act, which frowns on such “offensive” statements. [...]

Historian Inga Clendinnen excused the censorship by insisting it was driven by a “very understandable tenderness and concern” towards the Aboriginal community, but the real concern seemed to be to protect not Aborigines but a Leftist ideology.

Leftist ideology is always shrouded in double-think, to create a Catch-22 that destroys the target no matter his or her innocence or guilt.


  1. For your consideration:

    More Antipodean violent vibrancy from the totally equals:


    'Lower Hutt man'

    LULZ :)

    1. HA! What a shame our colonial cousins still have to deal with these lower life forms. Put a stocking cap on this thing and compare ...


  2. ""One can only think that if it was a blonde-haired, blue-eyed little girl it may be the front page of media around the country."

    Well, an abbo raped his mother and produced him. That should tell us something about his psyche.

    1. I do believe his mother was a willing mudshark, which would also explain something about his psyche.