Friday, March 06, 2015

Hey, East Asians - You're White Now!

Look at this graphic and despair you Chingy Chong Changs:

Quoting this article (the source of the graphic):

 White privilege is invisible, unearned and can include both societal, material or psychological advantages solely based on skin color. [...]

Redzo Mujcic and Paul Frijters, economists at the University of Queensland, have published their working paper “Still Not Allowed on the Bus,” highlighting the way unconscious bias favors light-skinned populations in everyday situations. [...]

Thus, the black and Indian groups may, for example, be at first viewed by bus drivers as being relatively more associated with dishonesty (or other negative traits) than the white and Asian groups.”

Please note that the authoress of this propaganda piece is named Reniqua Allen. Reniqua, HA! See that -qua? No freaking surprise she's a sub-ape. See below. Well, well, well. How does it feel, my little China girls and boys, to know that the darkies are now lumping you in with the evil Caucasian privileged class? You wretched oppressors! Here's some more leftist propaganda you East Asians can look forward to: The Chinese Race is the Cancer of Human History. Korea is too Korean. Japan needs to embrace diversity and Jews will play a leading role in that.

Reniqua say, "Free Bus Rides for East Asians = Black Genocide"


  1. "qua" is very useful ... in scrabble or lexulous!

    1. HA! I hadn't thought of that Susan, but you are absolutely right.

      Further, it has led me to consider a new theory. By the rules of the invisible cosmos, White girls get the first pick of scrabble tiles to spell out their baby names, and black girls only get the tiles that are left over.

  2. "Japan needs to embrace diversity and jews will play a leading role in that."
    Reminds me of this piece from VDARE.
    I look forward to learning about the oppressive and horrible nature of Asian Privirege.
    (Oh, and the title of the VDARE piece should read "guess what he is Jewish")

    1. Outstanding link, william. Thank you for providing it!