Friday, March 20, 2015

Demon Possessed Negress Makes Sperm Slippers in Hell

I assure you I did not use Mad Libs to create that title. It is an accurate description of this female's claim. Speaking on Emmanuel TV (a Nigerian Christian Television network with global reach) the sub-ape-ess, who says her name is Jamie Farr (just kidding, she says Jennifer but it sounds like Jamie Farr), claimed the following:

I possess demonic powers; I have two powers in me. There is snake power which is located in my stomach. I use it when I go to clubs. [...] And there is seduction power which is located in my eyes. I use the seduction power to seduce men - both married and unmarried. [...] If they take me to bed, I will collect their sperm and take it to our kingdom where we use it to produce slippers. We send the slippers to the people in the market and for the unfortunate people who buy them, they will be immediately initiated into our kingdom.

The Kingdom of Sperm Slippers? What the hell is going on in Africa? You can watch the whole video below.

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