Saturday, March 07, 2015

Adam Carolla: These are the racist's salad days.

I don't find Adam Carolla terribly funny or unfunny. I've even wondered if he has Jewish blood. However, I do think he makes some excellent observations regarding the Decline of Western Civilization, though perhaps not in those words. According to this article:

Homophobic, Racist Adam Carolla Is 'Done Apologizing'

He's made a career out of insulting gay people and racial minorities, and he doesn't regret it.

Comedian Adam Carolla's thoughts on those insulted by his racially tinged and antigay humor? "Tough shit" and "I don't care," he said this week.

During an interview with Huffington Post Live, a viewer asked Carolla how he feels about the Calling Out Carolla blog, which catalogs his offensive jokes and tweets. He offered no apology and said anyone who's ever had to apologize for an offensive comment was faking their remorse.

I encourage you to watch the first eight minutes of the video below, in which Carolla speaks nothing but truth to the smarmy, pillow-biting mischling interviewing him. I will never know how Carolla could restrain himself from reaching over and slapping the shit out of that prissy little bastard when he talked about "the optics" of Carolla being a straight White male who dares have an opinion on race or sex. Be forewarned, the last 50 seconds goes off the tracks, as self-proclaimed non-racist Carolla offers to join the mob hunting down "actual" racists. How one is able to tell an "actual" racist from an accused racist is not elucidated. It becomes the very weak point in an otherwise solid defense of free speech.


  1. Adrean,

    Just a heads up on a typo...I think you mean the LAST eight minutes of the interview...

    Love the blog...Very funny...

    1. Thank you for catching this error. I accidentally linked to the entire 30-minute video, instead of the 8-minutes that have earned Carolla his latest helping of leftist hate. This should make more sense now.

  2. He's not jew or a one of us,byut it's still great to see a celebrity who isnt afraid to take the piss out of the protected species, his career might be over, don't take the huffpo serious, they are a disgusting bunch of antiwhite sodomites

    1. Carolla himself doesn't think much of the HuffPo: